Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson is a gifted entrepreneur and also a very generous person. He is a graduate of Michigan State University where he achieved a BA in Finance. This was in the year 1980. He also attended Denver University where he studied Tax Program. It was 1981 when he started working at First Trust Corporation specifically at Fiserv which was an auxiliary company.


After almost a year, Matthew Autterson left his post to join a team of people to come up with a contract that made the Colorado State an auxiliary trust company, which is the Integrated Resources Inc. which is a New York-based financial services. Due to his hard work, he was made the president of the organization in 1986. Later, in 1989, Broad Inc. bought Integrated Resources with all its assets which included Resource Trust Company. Broad Inc. was also later acquired by AIG after it had changed its name to SunAmerica. This was in 1998.


All this time, Matthew continues to work as the top executive at Resource Trust Company. Under his leadership, the company grew steadily. Its assets increased and also the number of clients. He is also the head of a charitable institution, Falci Adaptive Biosystems that helped those with difficulties in mobility especially those injured in the military. This was by providing wheelchairs and also crutches to be used by those in need.


As the years progressed, Matthew Autterson largely contributed to the Zoo of Denver. He did this by bringing many patrons. This made his efforts to be recognized by the zoo leaders. He also allowed himself to be used for inquiring additional information about the zoo.


He became a member of the Presidents of the World Organization and also the Young President Organization. Currently, Mr. Autterson is not only the head of CNS Bioscience Inc. but also a board member. The company was formed in 2013 by an organization, Scott Falcis which is for developing drugs used to counter neuropathic pains. His time at Denver Hospice, however how short it was, was what inspired him to be a philanthropist. It is what pushed him to start an institution which would help the society.


Looking at his personal life, Matthew is happily married and has a daughter. He is sports person and enjoys racing off-road. He and his daughter, together with four other people took part in a race held in Mexico and did very well. See Related Link to learn more.


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Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad, a pediatric surgeon who has performed thousands of surgeries during his 40 years of experience, has invented many new procedures and two patented medical devices. These two devices are a new type of catheter that is trackable without radiation and an endoscopy accessory that prevents fog from forming on the lens of the camera that is being used during the operation.


With experience in both engineering and surgery, Dr. Saad Saad has an excellent skill set for the medical industry. Before becoming a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad had aspirations to be an engineer like his older brothers. While he greatly respected the talent his brothers had and the work that they were doing, he decided that engineering wasn’t for him as he didn’t want to work in the desert heat of Kuwait like they had.


Dr. Saad Saad is a native of Palestine who moved to Kuwait as a child with his family. While they may have grown up in poverty, Dr. Saad Saad and his 7 brothers and sisters all managed to obtain successful careers in adulthood. In fact, Dr. Saad Saad is not the only medical professional out of his siblings, there are two others surgeons in his family.


Before retirement, Dr. Saad Saad worked at the K Hovnanian Children’s Hospital in New Jersey as both the Co-Medical Director and the Surgeon-in-Chief. During the 1980’s, Dr. Saad Saad was invited to Saudi Arabia to serve their royal family as their pediatric surgeon. He had unique qualifications for this position due to his ability to fluently speak both English and Arabic.


His experiences in Saudi Arabia were unique and he was honored to have the chance to serve the royal family in the capacity of pediatric surgeon. Dr. Saad Saad stated that during his time in Saudi Arabia, he was not only treated with respect but almost like royalty. He was never made to feel uncomfortable during his found and a half years as the Saudi Royal Family’s pediatric surgeon.


Not only did Dr. Saad Saad perform surgery on his patients, he had the chance to give lectures and teach others the knowledge he had about surgery. While he was not working, he was able to visit many other countries with his family such as Sweden, Egypt, Canada, and more. Learn more:


Jim Toner, M.D. – Planting Seeds of Growth

A Little Background Information on Dr. James (Jim) Toner

Dr. Toner is a renowned infertility and reproductive endocrinologist in Georgia. His career in medicine spans for almost three decades. Dr. Jim Toner has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from St. Joseph’s College in Philadelphia. He later went on to receive his medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. He is board-certified and is a part of the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine team since 2000. Prior to his current position, he was a part of the Jones Institute of Reproductive Medicine in Virginia.

Accolades, Awards, and Charitable Works

Dr. Jim Toner has adorned many hats throughout his medical career. He was the Director of the Fellowship Program as well as the Third-Party Reproduction Program for the Jones Institute in Virginia. While at the Jones Institute, he was recognized for his teaching abilities and rose to the position of Associate Professor. He is a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society. During his residency he was awarded the Resident of the Year Award.

Dr. Toner has received many more awards including those from; The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ Ciba-Geigy, the Berlex Foundation, and the American Fertility Society. He has received honors for his writings at the profession’s national meeting. Dr. Toner is known for his charitable works in his community. He volunteers for Habitat for Humanity by assisting with building homes for those in need. He constantly volunteers in his neighborhood and for his church.

Dr. Toner’s Fertility Research and More

Dr. Toner’s specialty is in the treating of women experiencing infertility and recurrent miscarriages. In additions, he also focuses on his patient’s emotional and mental state by using his psychological doctorate training. He comes highly recommended for his medical skill and caring attitude towards his patients and staff. He has written and given speeches on his work and observation of ovarian reserve and its effect on fertility. Dr. Toner’s written works on his research has been recorded as a major importance and has added a wealth of knowledge to his field of study.

His literary work has received accolades from nationwide and abroad. He is a current member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology. He is the current Chair of the Registry Committee and Informed Consents Committee for SART. In addition to Chair to both committees, he has the distinguish honor of leading and holding the reigns as President. There seems to be no end to Dr. Toner’s educational and medical contributions to the field of infertility and endocrinology reproduction.

The reputation that Madison Street Capital has been able to maintain in the finance industry

Madison street capital is focusing on giving its services to the banking needs in the middle market. It has gained the reputation that it has in the financial industry for it’s well-known for its integrity, expertise, and experience. It has headquarters in Chicago but deal with business internationally. Madison Street Capital have the pride of knowing that they have the needed understanding of what makes up the corporate finance. The company has so many track records of contracts that are structurally complex and correctly matching the buyers and sellers. The main thing that the firm deals with is mergers and acquisitions, tax compliance, private placement advice and corporate governance. They have the expertise that has the skills needed in transactions like knowledge, analytical and deep relationships. The clients know they are in good hands no matter if they need a business valuation, price allocation, assets management and financial reporting.


When the DCG Software value was merging with Spitfire Group, Madison Street Capital was the one that was the financial advisor of DCG. DCG Software Value is based in Pennsylvania it focuses on value management and project support. DCG was founded in 1994, and from then they have been able to meet the software management needs of business no matter their sizes. The merging with Spitfire Group, a company that is based in Denver that deals with business and technology consulting, the reason for the merge is that they will be able to help each other in enhancing their value. After the merging, the only thing that they had to say about Madison Street Capital is nothing but praises.


Madison Street Capital has been working hard to see that they have built a secure business in every part of the United States and its neighborhood. It is assisted by clients and philanthropist that believe in their causes. All clients that have come in contact with them or corporations say that Madison can be trusted. They strive hard to ensure that the services that are being provided by their employees are impeccable. The services that they provide in financial corporatization are exceptional in the capacity of the advisory.


Madison Street Capitals consist of a well-trained group of professionals that have managed to create good relationships with banking firms. With that, they will never luck any financial need when they need that’s why at any given time they can satisfy the requirement of their clients. So that to achieve their goals there are dedicated to charitable causes. They know that honesty is essential and that is what has helped them maintain their high professional standard. Because of the number of clients that Madison Street Capital has worked with they have a vast understanding when it comes to their client’s needs. In this way, they know that no matter the situation they will fully satisfy the customers.


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How Hussain Sajwani Has Established Himself As A Successful Businessman

Growing up in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Hussain Sajwani wanted to become an entrepreneur like his father. In order to do so he first attended the University of Washington in Seattle and got an undergraduate degree in economics. He went back to Dubai after graduating and got a job at GASCO as one of their contracts managers.

In 1982 Hussain Sajwani founded a catering venture which started out pretty modest. Before too long he had expanded this company and today it provides meals to people in the Middle East, Africa, and The CIS. He offers additional services through this business such as human resource supply and the maintenance of construction campsites.

In 2002 he established DAMAC Properties Dubai Company. This has grown in the past 16 years to be one of the Middle East’s biggest property development firms. Hussain Sajwani is the chairman and his expertises are sales, marketing, and financing. He has finished properties in Dubai as well as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, North Africa, and Lebanon.

DAMAC Properties is now a publically traded company. Hussain Sajwani was able to get his company listed on the London Stock Exchange in December 2013. This was followed up in January 2015 when DAMAC Properties was listed on the Dubai Financial Market. The value of his company has a market value of around $4.7 billion.

DAMAC Maison was something that Hussain Sajwani launched in 2011. This is a business unit of DAMAC Properties and it provides services to hotel rooms and apartments. They have 13,000 rooms now that they provide services to. He has established a number of brands for DAMAC Maison including DAMAC Maison Hotels & Resorts, Paramount Hotels and Resorts, DAMAC Maison Royale Hotels and Resorts, and DAMAC Maison Royale The Distinction among others.

Hussain Sajwani also owns an investment venture. This is DICO Investment Company LLC. He puts money into acquisitions, mergers, and private equity. He holds minority and majority positions in a number of Middle East firms. Among these is Al Amana Building Materials of Oman. They have a number of globally recognized brands like Dorn Bracht and Grohe.

DAMAC’s owner Hussain Sajwani’s journey to success

DAMAC properties are recognized worldwide because of the professionalism and the quality of properties the company has worked with some of the biggest names in the real estate industry and has managed to produce the best.

The man behind this business Hussain Sajwani is a renowned businessman all over the globe; he is among the wealthiest men in the world. And his prowess in business skills is evident, he has managed to work with big names.

Hussain’ journey traces back around the 1980’s, he ventured into a catering business and worked with organizations, this first business has contributed significantly to his growth today as a business. This business gave him an opportunity to interact with like-minded people and also helped to improve his skills. This business has since been renamed but remained functional, and this shows Hussain’s dedication to his work.

Joining the catering industry opened Hussain’s vision more and on interacting with a lot of people DAMAC owner identified that there was a gap in the hotel industry. In the 1990’s he decided to explore and join the hotel industry, his first venture was providing accommodation for visitors in his country, the DAMAC owner Hussain is one of the pioneers in the hotel industry in the Middle East. He has managed to become a great success through this business.

However, Hussain Sajwani did not stop there, he also ventured in constructing and designing apartments, hotels, business houses. This business has put his name on a global platform, and one of the things that have contributed to his success is his exceptional work, the DAMAC owner values quality and has invested in working with qualified people. He participated in the construction of a golf course and worked closely with Tiger Woods. Also, he has also worked closely with Versace.

Apart from business, the DAMAC owner is also a giver, he is passionate about improving people’s lives not only through real estate but by also providing basic needs for the less fortunate, he works closely with organizations concerned with charities and his company DAMAC properties also plays a key role in his philanthropic work.

A Review Of Avatrade: A Reliable And Dependable Forex Broker

The AvaTrade Forex broker was established in 2006. However, it has now metamorphosed into one of the top trading brokers in the world. Consequently, they have won numerous awards. Some of these awards are “Best Customer Support”, “Best Financial Derivative Trading Provider”, “Best Alert System”, and in 2016, the FXEmpire gave them the “Best Forex Broker 2016” award.


AvaTrade is based in Dublin, Ireland. However, it has offices in various countries. Some of the countries include the US, Italy, France, Nigeria, China, Australia, Japan, South Africa etc.


Also, the financial activities of the trading firm are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, Australian Securities Investments and Commission (ASIC), and the Financial Services Commission of British Virgin Islands. AvaTrade’s services are equally regulated in Japan by several agencies, including the Japanese Financial Services Commission. And they are licensed by the MiFID in the European Union.


So basically, AvaTrade review is a globally recognized and reputable Forex trading company.


Why AvaTrade is Unique


  • They are the first brokerage firm to introduce digital currency trading to the foreign exchange market.


  • They have an open and transparent policy.


  • They have over 250 instruments.


Apart from the benefits associated with AvaTrade, there are also different types of orders that they have available on offer. Some of these orders are Entry Limits, Entry Stops, Limit Orders, Market Orders, etc.


Thanks to AvaTrade, more than 200,000 forex traders now trade with confidence. Apart from the demo trading opportunity available on the AvaTrade website, the firm also provides fantastic educational materials for the training of their clients. Also, training traders are available to provide training services. That is not all, comprehensive trading video tutorials have also been included on the AvaTrade website. Still, on the website, you can find a free eBook that you can read in order to learn the step-by-step methods of trading.


In addition, the firm has made provision for over 250 instruments to be traded in forex. Tailor-made trading solutions have equally been designed by the professionals at AvaTrade.


Finally, if you are planning on being a forex trader, you should endeavor to learn from the masters at AvaTrade. Moreover, if you are interested in finding more information about forex trading, do not hesitate to contact AvaTrade. They have a team of award-winning customer service representatives.

Jed McCaleb Teases New Partnership; Says Stellar Is Growing

Jed McCaleb has certainly been on an interesting path across the tech industry. Most people stick to one sub-industry within the tech world, but Jed McCaleb is a man of many talents. Jed McCaleb has been involved in online third-party marketplaces, peer to peer file sharing, and cryptocurrency: a list of industries that take most a lifetime to master. Jed McCaleb has left everyone of these industries for the better, but now he is the CTO of Stellar, a blockchain company that aims to put digital infrastructure in place in underdeveloped countries for the purpose of banking, international transactions, and other financial services.

Jed McCaleb’s life in blockchain began in Mt. Gox. When McCaleb learned about Bitcoin from an online article, he researched further, eventually turning Mt. Gox into a global bitcoin exchange network. Prior to Mt. Gox, users struggled to set up transactions. Mt. Gox was a marketplace where people could meet and handle their business together. 80% of all Bitcoin transactions were at one point being done on McCaleb’s creation.

McCaleb sold Mt. Gox after realizing that there were many improvements to be made in the blockchain industry. Eventually, he started Stellar with technology that he had reinvented. Thanks to Stellar, dozens of countries in Asia and Europe are benefiting from financial services that they previously went without.

As the CTO of Stellar, McCaleb watched over all technical progress for Stellar. Stellar expanded on the open source software that was already available and turned it into a system that boasts impressive transaction speeds of 5 seconds or less.

Stellar and Jed McCaleb have already made public many of their partnerships, but new ventures are on the horizon. McCaleb recently teased one of these partnerships, but he refused to reveal the name of the other company. McCaleb simply stated that this partnership could open doors for Stellar that was previously unimaginable; Stellar may soon become a global transaction network, thanks to this partnership.

Tony Petrello Divides His Time Between Philanthropy And His Daughter

     Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd., but it’s his philanthropic work that’s drawing attention these days. Tony is known for his compassion and generosity. Those traits seem even more astonishing, upon realizing that Tony and his family are going through struggles of their own. In fact, it may be his daughter’s premature birth and ensuing medical condition that has prompted Petrello’s generous contributions to the healthcare industry.

Tony Petrello Seeks Help for His Daughter, Carena

It’s unknown whether or not having been born prematurely may have been a causal factor in Carena Petrello developing periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). Whatever the cause, the condition inhibits Carena’s ability to eat, walk, and speak. In fact, she didn’t start chewing her food until she was seven years old. This is because the chewing motion we take for granted had to be consciously learned. Carena had to repeat the act of chewing over and over, until her brain eventually learned the habit.

Tony and his wife, Cynthia, are hopeful that science will soon find a cure for Carena’s condition. To that end, they’re very active philanthropists, donating money to projects that may lead to a cure or a better treatment for PVL. In the past. They have donated a total of $5 million to research and have recently pledged another $2 million.

As a member of the Texas Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees, Tony Petrello has used his connections to learn more about how brain disorders affect children. To his surprise, he found that there has been very little research into this specialized area of genetics. He hopes his donations will change that in time to benefit Carena.

Tony Petrello Creates an Endowment Fund at Yale University

When Tony attended Yale University, he happened to meet Professor Serge Lang. Petrello and Lang became fast friends and cultivated a relationship in the years following Tony’s graduation. When he heard about Professor Lang’s death, Tony was deeply saddened. By the time of the memorial service, he had made up his mind to act.

Mr. Petrello wanted to do something to immortalize Serge Lang, so he announced that he planned to set up an endowment fund in the Yale professor’s name. Tony pledged to start the fund with a $150,000 donation in memory of his friend.

As a beloved mathematics professor and world-renowned author, Lang touched many lives. Representatives for Yale University say they plan on reaching out to former students and to some of Serge’s colleagues to request additional donations. Tony Petrello pledged another $150,000 to match any donations the university receives from other donors.


End Citizens United Announces New Endorsements For 2018

End Citizens United was created on 1 March in 2015. It is a political action committee that has a definite vision of its mission. The people who are responsible for the political action committee’s creation did so in an effort to help in the ending of the influence that big money has on politics.

Cory Booker has recently made an announcement to refuse donations from corporate political action committees and also has received the praise of End Citizens United due to his decision to do so. The president of End Citizens United Tiffany Muller has stated that this is a clear show of the commitment that Cory Booker has two leading his people in the fight to create a just political system. By no longer accepting corporate interest donations he will no longer be accountable to corporate special interests. Instead, he will be a representative of the American people as he should be.

Cory Booker is not the only politician that has made a similar pledge over the last several years. There are in fact many candidates and members of Congress that are currently endorsed by End Citizens United. Anytime that End Citizens United endorses a candidate they always encourage the individual to reject money from special interest groups. The new trend has been experiencing great success lately because individuals all across the country have begun refusing to take money from special interest political action committees.

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Just recently Kirsten Gillibrand a New York Sen. was added to the name of endorsed members of Congress from End Citizens United. This was done after she made a similar announcement that she would no longer accept donations from mega-donors. Tiffany Muller commended Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on her commitment to maintaining accountability and leadership for her constituents in the state of New York.

As of now, End Citizens United has stated that over 70% of the candidates during the midterms this year have rejected donations from special interest political action committees. American people are growing more and more intolerant of the way things are ran in Washington. This is giving growing support to members of Congress that are rejecting funds from special interest political action committees. In 2016 only three candidates made the pledge to reject money from corporate special interest groups but the midterm elections this year have proven that the trend is growing exponentially.

By rejecting donations from political interest groups and mega-donors political candidates give a clear demonstration that they are going to represent their constituents rather than corporations. This is led to concerns as to how politicians will be able to fund their campaigns by no longer accepting large donations from corporations. It is the goal of End Citizens United to help fund honest politicians through grassroots funding methodologies.

Visit for more information about End Citizens United.