Bruno Fagali: A Closer Look At The Recent Dismissal Of A Ford CEO

     Bruno Fagali is well experience in a number of facets of the law. Whether its providing advice that is related to the laws themselves or the ethical codes that must be considered, he and his team are always ready to provide the necessary advice.

When it comes to the recent dismissal of a Ford CEO, Mr. Fagali took immediate notice. A story about a CEO being dismissed from a company after an investigation into their level of compliance has taken place is something that definitely aligns with many of the values that Bruno Fagali holds dear.

Raj Najr was recently relieved of his post as the president of Ford’s North American chapter and this news came as quite a shock to many. He was a career executive who spent much of his life making his way up the ladder and finding out that he had been the reason for anonymous complaints was surprising.

The complaint was received by the Communication Channel and an internal investigation took place shortly thereafter. Once this investigation was concluded, Najr was dismissed immediately. The statement that the company released was somewhat vague and this is something that Bruno Fagali has noted.

As far as the reasoning for his dismissal is concerned, it was said that Najr had violated the codes of conduct that had been established at Ford. While there hasn’t been any further elaboration on part of Ford, this situation provides an important lesson for students and even professionals who work in the world of law.

Bruno Fagali believes that Ford handled the issue in this manner in order to minimize the damage that was done to their image as a result of Najr’s wrongdoing. It is designed to mitigate the company’s liability and foist all of the responsibility for what has taken place onto Najr so that no further investigations would take place.

In his mind, companies should not be restricting the enforcement of their compliance rules to corruption related issues. He feels that companies should also practice social compliance. By regulating the actions that are related to prejudice and harassment, companies can place themselves in a better position going forward.

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Tony Petrello Divides His Time Between Philanthropy And His Daughter

     Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd., but it’s his philanthropic work that’s drawing attention these days. Tony is known for his compassion and generosity. Those traits seem even more astonishing, upon realizing that Tony and his family are going through struggles of their own. In fact, it may be his daughter’s premature birth and ensuing medical condition that has prompted Petrello’s generous contributions to the healthcare industry.

Tony Petrello Seeks Help for His Daughter, Carena

It’s unknown whether or not having been born prematurely may have been a causal factor in Carena Petrello developing periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). Whatever the cause, the condition inhibits Carena’s ability to eat, walk, and speak. In fact, she didn’t start chewing her food until she was seven years old. This is because the chewing motion we take for granted had to be consciously learned. Carena had to repeat the act of chewing over and over, until her brain eventually learned the habit.

Tony and his wife, Cynthia, are hopeful that science will soon find a cure for Carena’s condition. To that end, they’re very active philanthropists, donating money to projects that may lead to a cure or a better treatment for PVL. In the past. They have donated a total of $5 million to research and have recently pledged another $2 million.

As a member of the Texas Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees, Tony Petrello has used his connections to learn more about how brain disorders affect children. To his surprise, he found that there has been very little research into this specialized area of genetics. He hopes his donations will change that in time to benefit Carena.

Tony Petrello Creates an Endowment Fund at Yale University

When Tony attended Yale University, he happened to meet Professor Serge Lang. Petrello and Lang became fast friends and cultivated a relationship in the years following Tony’s graduation. When he heard about Professor Lang’s death, Tony was deeply saddened. By the time of the memorial service, he had made up his mind to act.

Mr. Petrello wanted to do something to immortalize Serge Lang, so he announced that he planned to set up an endowment fund in the Yale professor’s name. Tony pledged to start the fund with a $150,000 donation in memory of his friend.

As a beloved mathematics professor and world-renowned author, Lang touched many lives. Representatives for Yale University say they plan on reaching out to former students and to some of Serge’s colleagues to request additional donations. Tony Petrello pledged another $150,000 to match any donations the university receives from other donors.



     Robert Ivy was appointed as the Executive vice president and the CEO of the American Institute of Architects in 2011. This institute represents licensed architects and professionals in the design and construction industry since 1857.  The institute has over 90,000 members who are architects and design professionals. It also has over 250 chapters. Prior to his appointment, Robert Ivy was a fellow of the institute. He was an advocate of the profession on social, environmental and political issues affecting the built environment. He was described by President H. Miller, FAIA, as a seasoned architect with the relevant industry experience and corporate leadership skills.

As the vice president and CEO of the AIA, he manages the institute’s national office in Washington, DC. His responsibilities are many, but not restricted to, directing organizational focus on design and practice issues within the institute, work collaboratively with nationwide and overseas chapters to support AIA members and create public awareness on the value and relevance of architects. He has made some major accomplishments such as improving decision making in the institute by streamlining governance, launching a public awareness campaign which includes the institute’s annual I Look up Challenge. This challenge invites architects and filmmakers to collaborate and bring out architectural stories. He also popularizes the institute through education initiatives and advocacy strategies. He has also built a new digital technology infrastructure. His major focus is to shift the institute’s resources to prepare architects in facing and addressing today’s challenges such as impact of design on public health, climate change among others.

Robert Ivy has delivered key speeches about the role and meaning of architecture in our lives. Such speeches include speeches and moderated discussions at international events such as the National Building Museum, the Library of Congress and the Monterey Design Conference. He has also given interviews and appeared on various media shows such as CBS’S early show, PBS’s Evening news and BBC World among others.

Under his leadership AIA has been transformed tremendously to serve architects and the built industry in general. He has repositioned the institute as a responsive, influential and proactive organization.

Features of Health and Soothe

     National Enzyme Company is the firm that came up the idea of manufacturing a modern medical product known as Health and Soothe but Living Well Nutraceutical is the company that handles marketing and distribution. Health and Soothe is a type of medication that contains only natural ingredients that are effective in eradicating inflammation of all parts of one’s body. The concept of the manufacturers of the drug is that inflammation is the factor that causes pain in any joint of the body.

The main natural ingredients contained in Health and Soothe include Bromelain, Papain, Citrus, and Rutin. The main component of Health and Soothe is Bromelain which is a known component that has been used for a long time as an anti-inflammatory drug. The ingredients that are contained in the drug have been proven to be safe for human consumption. The criteria that the manufacturers used to select the ingredients is that they must be anti-inflammatory components that will facilitate the treatment of diseases such as arthritis which has become a common condition among people in the society. The drug is in tablet form also. It consists of enzymes that quicken its effectiveness in a human body. Health and Soothe is a natural drug that doesn’t contain either toxic fillers or preservatives. It is important to note that Health and Soothe is exceptional as it contains enzymes, but it is still considered as a natural product.

The drug is effective during treatment hence the recommended dosage is one tablet per day. One of the advantages that is most noted of this medical product is that it is affordable at a price of fifty-nine dollars. National Enzyme Company has created an online delivery system that allows customs to receive the product at their desired time. One isn’t provided with an individual prescription, but there is the standard prescription that will last the intake of the medication for a month.

Health and Sooth’s manufacturers have pointed out that not only does the drug reduce inflammation, but it also destroys the agents that cause inflammation. The advantage of Health and Sooth to other traditional medicines is that it has advanced ingredients that have been proven to be effective.


Jeff Yastine is a Renowned Reporter

     Jeff Yastine, an Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing recently wrote about why investing in Europe was a great idea for any investor. He took Norway as his case point to start with. In Norway, oil production and sales were starting to boom again after the prices started coming up again after the recent recession that had affected this industry greatly. Through research and statistics, it has been seen that Germany and Norway will have a positive growth curve in its economy in the next few years.

There has been a noted growth in investments and consumptions such as electricity usage in Norway. This is a clear indication that the country is moving towards a more successful future. The growth in the technology industry is playing a great part in this journey. Norway started exporting approved printing machines, 3-D machines. This will benefit the aviation industry mostly among others. Boeing has already purchased this printing machines. Jeff Yastine further indicates that since all these developments are happening at a growing pace, investing in Europe will be a great idea at the moment as it is showing positive growth margins.

Jeff Yastine started working at Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015. He uses his experience as an investor in the stock market, financial markets, and events to enlighten his readers. He edits for the Total Wealth Insider. At Banyan Hill, he helps his readers understand the business world through sharing what is trending in the economy and pointing them towards opportunities that would fetch profits. He does this through his work on the Winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily.

As an anchor, Jeff Yastine got the opportunity of interviewing renowned entrepreneurs and financiers in the market. Some of the people he managed to interview include Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, and Michael Dell. Through his reporting, he has managed to get some investment opportunities that are lucrative ranging from large companies to stock companies that are upcoming. These businesses he identified are available in different sectors such as agriculture, biopharmaceutical and development among others.

Jeff Yastine has proven to be an efficient writer. He was able to do his research as needed and predict the crisis that the real estate investors were going to get into. He also warned against the dot-com crisis. Jeff has reported about National events such as the Katrina Hurricane effects and the oil spill at the Deepwater Horizon. Jeff has earned several awards for his reports such as been nominated for the Business Emmy Award.

Imran Haque Vast Knowledge in Treating Ailments

As an inner medication master, Dr. Imran is extraordinarily prepared to analyze and recommend treatment for ailments. At Horizon Internal Medicine, a few administrations that touch on interior solution, health and corrective treatment are advertised. Some of these include:


360 Resurfacing


This is a laser treatment that goes for reviving the skin. Skin conditions on the neck, chest and face are the best to treat utilizing this system. Ordinarily, this treatment takes a little while, with each stage being done every week. 360 reemerging requires a medicinal expert with particular preparing and experience like Dr. Imran. At his present day rehearse, Dr. Imran offers the most obvious opportunity for this sort of sensitive treatment.


Having an affair of more than one and half decades, He takes his clients through this sensitive treatment effectively. With regards to issues of one’s wellbeing, there is additional security in realizing that you are managing the best in the field. 360 resurfacing can fix the skin or improve its tone and surface.


Weight Management


The inhabitants of Asheboro have the upside of having an expert weight reduction authority in Dr. Imran. As a specialist, Imran Haque knows the risk of being overweight on the body. With many individuals battling with weight issues, Dr. Imran’s training in Asheboro offers answers for handle this societal issue. The specialist has planned weight administration medicines, restorative systems to improve the body, and nourishing bundles for patients battling with weight issues.


Passing by the audits of patients who have been dealt with at his training, it is without a doubt apparent that Dr. Imran is an ace at his exchange. Patients pick his training since he makes them feel great and endorses weight administration medicines that assistance to help their certainty.


Diabetes Specialist


Something that make Dr. Imran emerge is his obsession for the wellbeing of his patients. This is particularly among his diabetes patients. The specialist is a sharp audience and guarantees that his patients’ wellbeing remains a best need. As a diabetes expert, Dr. Imran Haque has treated numerous diabetes patients. He is, subsequently, a trusted proficient who comprehends diabetes patients extremely well. He is an authorized and guaranteed specialist with a profound comprehension of diabetes.


Laser Hair Removal


Dr. Imran Haque offers laser hair evacuation at his training. This corrective system will destroy hair from a specific range and moderate the resulting development of any hair on the body. Having performed numerous such techniques on his patients, Dr. Imran keeps on observing accomplishment with each method. His patients believe him, and he conveys simply like he guaranteed. His training offers perfect and safe condition for the solace of his patients.


Physical Examinations


Dr. Haque performs checkups and routine restorative examinations with a mean to precisely analyze the correct ailment.