Sharon Prince: Graceful Chair And President


Grace Farms Foundation established an 80-acre public area(Grace Farms) in New England that offers numerous nature-based activities in a beautiful setting. According to Sharon Prince, President and Chair the land inspired the idea for the farm. She goes on to say that “Grace Farms inspires a sense of awe”. The following explains the different activities/aspects of the farm:


Seasonal: Summers allow for fishing and hiking on trails through the blooming plants. Fall offers viewing of the vivid colors of the trees. Winter produces scenes blanketed in snow and numerous sightings of animal tracks.


Biodiversity and Ecological: Sharon Prince Grace Farms is dedicated to biologically restoring the land over the next few years. The goal is for the farm to become a sustainable and healthy ecosystem.


Meadows: Sharon Prince Grace Farms has restored over 70% of the original meadows and by doing so many native species have claimed this area as their home again. These species include birds, bees and butterflies.


Birds: There are over 40 bird species that call Grace Farm their home and can be seen on the hikes that are offered. The Chipping Sparrow, American Goldfinch and the Yellow Warbler are several of the species that have been viewed.


Garden: Grace Farms has a community garden which offers activities to encourage a feeling of community, provide instruction regarding sustainable farming and allow opportunities to give produce to those in need.


Earth Day Activities: Grace Farms celebrates Earth Day with various family-friendly activities that are focused on preservation, restoration of wildlife, and exploration of nature.


In addition to all of her above-mentioned work, Ms. Sharon Prince has partnered with Grace Farms Foundation to end human trafficking, child exploitation, and domestic violence.


She is also a board member of Unchain: “Freedom Needs Fighters”, founded to do away with modern day slavery. It is currently being created by Grace Farms Foundation and other organizations. Go Here to visit her channel on YouTube.


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