Knowledge about the Development of OSI Industries

Many people take food products from the OSI Industries not knowing where the food pieces originate. It is a good idea wanting to see the kind of companies that supply you with the food items. OSI Industries is a food company that deals with pork, beef, and chicken products across the world for decades now. The firm processes the food, park and distributes to various restaurants and supermarkets. We mainly deal with food containing protein. OSI is a privately-owned industry with David McDonald as the President and Chief Operation Officer and Sheldon Lavin as the Chief Executive Officer.

In March 2018, OSI Industries expanded the production of quality chicken from 12,000 to 24,000 tons per year, an increase in the output by double. The development responded to the rise in demand for chicken products in Portugal and Spain. As a result, the total production for quality pork, beef, and chicken products increased to 45,000 tons per year. Also, the expansion led to the provision of more job opportunities by 20 positions on top of the initial 140 workers. The 20 posts contain the product development manager, whose work is to manage the current products and introduce new products to the company’s portfolio.

OSI Industries enhance their food security by testing the products through the modernized kitchens and skilled and qualified staff of chefs. McDonald said that the company has to be ready for further development in future. The market will continue to broaden reaching out to the entire world. Another area showing the development process is the enhancement of the surveillance system, where we installed indoor and outdoor cameras. Other additions are shipping and receiving area, hot water and nitrogen tanks, supply storage, refrigerated rooms for waste container storage, and shared space for employees. The company’s entire occupation increased by 22,600 square feet.

The willingness of OSI Industries to serve North America shows through the acquisition of the Tyson Food Plant in the year 2016. Also, the firm established a process plant for beans, tofu, and rice in California. In the year 2017, the company acquired the Flagship Europe. The acquisition was a great move, where it became the primary food distributor in the UK and renamed as the Creative Foods Europe. OSI did not stop at that, but it reaches out to the Netherlands by purchasing the controlling stake in Baho Food that has subsidiaries in Germany and Netherlands. The company received the honor of the top 100 American food company of the year award and to know more