How Clayton Hutson joined the Entertainment Industry

Clayton Hutson is a sound engineer. He is a renowned business owner in the music industry and has worked with many artists. He is a hardworking person who wants the best for people he works with. Clayton Hutson considers artists’ experiencing to know what they need. To succeed in the music industry, you should be willing to sacrifice time and sleep. Many talented artists are looking for serious people to help them create music.

Clayton Huston credits his success to patience and determination. He studied theater design before joining the music industry. He started by working for entertainment firms as a sound engineer. He learned how the industry works and has never looked back. In the beginning, it was difficult getting people to work for, but things improved over time. After learning how the entertainment industry works, he took his career a notch higher. He opened his own entertainment company.

Clayton Huston is a talented entrepreneur who developed his company from grass to grace. He rubs shoulders with the great in the music industry because of perseverance. He has spent a great deal of time producing, and directing live tours. His passion for the music industry keeps him going during difficulties. Clayton Hutson states that the entertainment industry can be overwhelming. You need to stay grounded and remember why you joined in the first place. If you do not succeed at first, it does not mean that is the end. Hutson has worked with Guns ‘n’ Roses, Pink, and garbage, to name a few. He has vast experience in tour production. During his free time, he teaches upcoming artists on how to navigate the industry.

Clayton Hutson states that when he joined the industry, someone guided him and he wants to help others. He perfected his skills which have enabled him to succeed in the industry. He wishes that the music industry would be more open to new ideas and help new artists. Clayton Hutson advises younger people to be honest and put their families first. Families will always be there for so never leave them behind. Hutson is a perfectionist who double checks everything he does.

Clay Hutson reveals the secret to the Music industry

Clayton Hutson is an event production manager and a sound engineer. He attended college for theatre design after which he began to work for companies that specialized in live entertainment that is how he picked up on the tools of the trade. After working under the legends, he began going for solo events and finally set up his own business.

Throughout his career, he has worked with renowned musicians such as P!nk, Kid Rock and Halsey. Being a business owner within the music industry requires a blend of artistic knowledge and skill. Clay Hutson is a talented individual who always delivers exactly what the artists need and expect. All they have to do is paint the picture, and Hutson brings it to life. He takes the artists perception into the mind and always brings about an artistic performance. Clayton never fails to impress the audience.

Clayton believes that his previous job helped him master marketing skills and after the last recession, he was more pushed and motivated towards starting his firm. He took his chances on his own and prospered. He is a rare gem in the Music industry. The key to success according to Hutson is working hard and staying focused. He believes that is the reason behind his success, his clients praise him for this very trait and helps them share all that he has to offer building up his client list. Throughout his life, Clayton realized his love for the music industry and dedicated his career, life, and energy to the industry.

He also stepped into the corporate entertainment sector, worked for Billy Grahams traveling outfit and was then later on called the altar of rock n roll. Over the years, from every event, Clayton picked up a specific skill set and perfected it. He used his passion for producing, designing and managing live tours for some of the biggest names in the industry. His portfolio is impressive and global. The world can see his work through these famous artists. The Clayton name is all he needs to get more tours and execute his plans to perfection.

Alex Pall Opens Up About His Music Journey

Alex Pall is an esteemed artist in the world’s music sector. He runs the Chainsmokers, a music brand that has released several hits. Pall and his partner Taggart enjoy an enormous following of fans from South Africa, Philippines and other parts of the world.

How did Alex Pall start his music career?

Before stepping into the music industry, Pall worked in an art gallery based in Manhattan. Later on, he quit his job to pursue music production, his childhood passion. He started working as a DJ under the management of Adam Alpert, one of the intellects behind the success of Chainsmokers.

When did Alex Pall start Chainsmokers brand?

The Chainsmokers was founded when Adam Alpert connected Alex Pall to Drew Taggart, an ambitious young artiste. Just like Pall, Taggart had a passion for dance music. The duo paired up to establish Chainsmokers, the brand behind great dance tunes like Sick Boy, Closer, Side Effects, Save Yourself, Roses, and All We Know.

How did the two artists develop their brand to the industry’s top tier?

Pall says that their music brand has defended the top position since it is unique from competitors. Unlike their competitors who rely on songwriters, Pall and Taggart write their lyrics independently. Most of their songs are based on their real-life situations.

What achievements has ChainSmokers made under the management of the two artists?

Alex Pall says that a few years ago, Chainsmokers was popular amongst New York’s college students. Today, Chainsmokers has grown to be one of the best dance music brands in the world’s entertainment industry. It has a mammoth of fans from US, Asia, Africa, and other parts of the world.

Who is Chainsmokers’ leading light?

Alex Pall claims that Halsey is one of their role models. According to Pall, the artist has excellent vocals, and she is unique from other artists. In 2016, the DJ duo and Halsey released Closer, a single that appeared in Billboard Hot 100. The song defended the top position for close to 12 weeks.

Besides topping United States’ top music charts, Closer topped the music charts of other countries like New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

The growth of The Chainsmokers in their career.

In the music industry The Chainsmokers are one of the known bands present. They are precisely known for their specialization in the production of dance music. It is made up of a combination of two deejays namely Drew Taggart and Alex Pall. They both had the passion for art and started as hobbies. For instance, Alex Pall was doing it as a part-time job and through meeting with Drew; they started their production and music band. It has grown to do great works that have made them get recognized in many awards such as Grammy Award for the Best Dance Recording among others.


The band has had the privilege to produce songs that have grown to gain a lot of audiences. The attribute of this success is due to the difference in the manner of production. Unlike many deejays, they prefer to make any music contain emotions and be lively. It is for this purpose that they try to appear and not be behind the scene as a way of being noted as artists.


In one of their recent production, they did still linger on people’s minds because of the uniqueness displayed. The song, Somebody, is seen to have a lot of modular synthesizer work. It is a great adventure to interact and know the process for the production. Since they purpose to make dance music dynamic and grow steadily, they put creativity in all their output.


Through interaction with their audience, they give a piece of the process it took to produce the ‘Somebody’ song. They use the social media platform to provide the information. According to Alec Pall and Drew Taggart, it is a process that is tireless although incorporated with several unique factors. For instance, tone part of the music is recorded from a different song. Therefore, the presence of a different pitch can be noted.


Moreover, the song is exciting as it uses a different musical instrument such as the piano, the synthesizer that generates electrical signals converted to sounds, and the Ableton among others. The process they take reveals their creativity and knowledge as well. It is some of these attributes such as creativity that has made The Chainsmokers well reputed in the United States and beyond.