The Bakker Legacy Continued


Some people work their whole lives to fulfill their dreams of becoming a business owner, an entrepreneur, a mother, as well as philanthropist; but Kimberly Bakker is one of the few individuals who get to live all four dreams at once.

Born in San Francisco, and raised in an old-fashioned town named Ross, Bakker had a picture-perfect childhood in a family multi-generational home. In school, Bakker was a bright student who didn’t shy away from projects; instead, she added a list of feats to her name. Some of these feats include volunteering as a teacher, becoming the Women’s Advocate of the Panhellenic Board, as well as graduating as one of the top seniors with her Bachelor’s Degree in Business at The University of Southern California in 1992.

As a hard-working individual, Bakker became the Sales and Marketing Director for L’ermitage Hotels to eventually spending some years as an Event Planner for firms involved in high-tech, all of which helped her to develop the skills necessary to driver her entrepreneurial spirit.

It was in the year 2000 when Bakker set out to bring her knowledge and experience to the public and create her event management company, Kimberly Bakker Events, which eventually became known for offering a type of flavor that portrays itself in all forms of hospitality service.

By establishing herself in the hospitality world, Bakker was able to attain several positions such as the San Francisco Protocol Officer as well as the Director of the San Francisco Fall Antiques Show which were positions that she excelled at and used as stepping stones to reach even higher heights. Find Additional Information Here.

Looking past her exceptional professional life, she gave some of her spare time to give back to society and built several charitable organizations such as “The Project For Women” and in particular “The Project for Girls” which focused on providing a positive emotional environment for girls to prosper.


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Kimberly Bakker: The Ultimate Momtrepreneur


“Momtrepreneur”, CEO and sitting board member, these are all the hats that Kimberly Bakker of Kimberly Bakker Events puts on every single day. After graduating from The University of Southern California, Kimberly Bakker quickly introduced herself to the event industry in the form of the Protocol Officer at the San Francisco Mayor’s Office. Bakker’s talents were quickly utilized as she often spoke to the public on the behalf of the mayor.

After years working for someone else, Baker quickly realized that her talents and experience naturally evolved her into wanting to create her own business, and there laid the idea which would become Kimberly Bakker Events. We were recently able to catch up with Kimberly Bakker and ask her a few questions about her business and life in general.


What is the key component to a great event planning company?

Kimberly Bakker believes that the key to a good event planning company is having the ability to organize properly. She adds that any and all things can go wrong when planning an event, however, being able to create an organized list of all the to-do’s for that day can create a sort of safety net in case anything goes south.


Any advice that you would give to people looking to open their own business?

Bakker says that people need to listen to their instincts, ultimately listening to yourself instead of others will lead you the path you were meant to follow. In addition, Bakker reminds us that with age comes wisdom, so if you don’t know what you want right now it’s okay. See This Page for additional information.


What separates you from other event planning companies?

Bakker says that her ability to bring warmth and add detail to her events ultimately sets her apart. For example, small details such as the type of silverware used for the event can totally change the mood.


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Rags to Riches – A Brief History Of Billionaire Vinod Gupta


Many people know of the billionaire philanthropist Vin Gupta, but few know his story. Let’s take a moment to quickly recap how he went from poverty, to becoming one of the richest people in the world.

Escaping Poverty

Vin Gupta originates from Rampur Manhyaran, an extremely poor village in India, and was born on July 4th, 1946. At the time of his childhood it had no electricity, no toilets, and no running water. Life was difficult but it taught him to value education, as this would be his ticket out of squalor, and into a better life.

Furthering His Education Abroad

After completing high school, Mr. Gupta decided to further his education at I.I.T., Kharagpur. There he received a degree in agricultural engineering. However, this wasn’t enough, and he went on to attend the University of Nebraska in the US thanks to donations from his family. There he earned another engineering degree, and a Masters in business administration. This would be a turning point. Refer to This Article to learn more.

Entering the World of Business

With a degree in business, Vinod Gupta was able to secure a job as a market research analyst at Commodore Corporation in Omaha, Nebraska. At first this seemed like a fairly mundane job, however Mr. Gupta’s keen mind quickly found a gap in the market, and he set to work taking advantage of it. Borrowing $100, Vinod Gupa bought all 4,800 copies of the Yellow Pages in the US, and compiled a list of every mobile home dealer across the nation. He then sold this valuable resource to interested parties, becoming a millionaire.

Greater Heights, and Philanthropy

Leveraging his newly found wealth, Vin Gupta pursued additional business interests, such as American Business Lists. Expanding his wealth rapidly, Mr. Gupta soon became a billionaire. Wanting to give back to where he came from, he now makes many donations to a variety of charitable causes, and has even opened several schools of his own. Vinod Gupta has vowed to give back all of the wealth that he has earned to help others.

Vinod Gupta granted an interview to Gazette Day, a digital publication known for its high-profile, top-quality interviews, in late May 2018 – he included Effective Business Lessons for aspiring businessmen and entrepreneurs who wanted to succeed in the world of business like himself


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Kimberly Bakker Is Coming To The Rescue


Kimberly Bakker is a social event planner located in San Francisco. She, herself, is a working mom who understands how hard it is to juggle everything, especially during the holidays. Professionally, Bakker has planned many family events that are remembered for years later.

Kimberly Bakker is a dedicated mother and an entrepreneur who manages Kimberly Bakker Events.

Bakker’s work ethic has mothers everywhere wondering how she does it and how she seems to be flawless in all aspects of life despite her busy schedule. In life and in business, she has a meticulous plan for everything in order to ensure the best results for her loved ones and clients. See This Article to learn more.

She is willing to share some of her secrets to help you make your next event unforgettable.


List Making

Make a list and check it twice. Lists are going to be your lifeline and are needed to stay on task. However, do not make one long list, but make several lists. For example, make a list for groceries, one for guests, and more. Bakker uses a detailed list every day to keep her day organized and herself on track.


A great host

There is no doubt that planning a party is stressful, but a great host has the ability to make it all look easy. Kimberly Bakker’s tip is to remember to enjoy your own party. Take a minute to enjoy everyone around you. When problems arise, put on your best smile and just deal with the situations in the best manner possible.


Use the past to honor the present

Use heirloom pieces to set the stage for a family event. Whether it is great grandma’s tea set or grandpa’s train set, the items will make the event extra special. Kimberly Bakker uses heirloom pieces to showcase her events.



When making your lists, it is important to schedule time for you. You have taken the time to make sure your home was ready, and now it is time to make sure you are too. Plan the outfit in advance. Hair and makeup are all that should be left to do on the day of the party.


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Jingdong Builds A New Research Center To Build Smart Cities


Jingdong is starting a new research center that will develop futuristic automation technology that will be used to create smart cities. This research center is located in Xiongan, China, and was announced at the Beijing event on October 18, the 2018 Global Smart Supply Chain Summit. Named the Urban Smart Logistics Institute it will create urban logistics systems, urban logistics hubs, cloud computing platforms, big data, and other technology.


There were several founding members of this research center. These are Beijing Jiaotong University, Nankai University, Beijing Wuzi University. the Institute of Comprehensive Transportation at the National Development and Reform Commission, Sinotrans & CSC, Shanghai Maritime University, and the Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute.


Quite a bit of the urban traffic emissions is released by freight vehicles in China. They also take up around a third of road capacity, leading to congestion on the roads in urban settings. Since urbanization is polluting the environment and a big cause of climate change Jingdong Mall is seeking to build a supply chain that gets as many freight vehicles off the road as possible.


The first thing this research center will focus on is underground logistics systems. Jingdong wants to build underground pipes that contain tracks which will allow packages to go underground from the factory to urban logistical hubs scattered around a city. This will eliminate much of the traditional logistic systems which take up too much space in a city. Click Here to learn more.


With smart cities, the goal is to make the best use of all the space in the city as well as conserve resources. The Jingdong research team says that building a 3-dimensional underground smart logistics system will change the industry for the better. It helps to reduce traffic congestion, is more environmentally-friendly, and save precious urban space.


Jingdong is the largest retailer in China so they ship a lot of packages every day. They are a very innovative company, such as building the first fully-automated fulfillment center on the planet. They can also deliver packages by drone and are exploring new propulsion technologies which will get packages delivered even faster in the future and at a lower use of energy.


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JD.Com Launches An E-commerce Platform In Thailand

If there is an equivalent for the “Amazon of China”, Jingdong Mall is the best candidate. Jingdong Mall, also known as, has launched its platform in Thailand.


Jingdong has partnered with Central Group. The e-commerce platform is called JD Central and it’s been established after operating for three months. The partnership will offer direct sales as well as market models as it features various product categories including home appliances, music, and books. Vincent Yang of said the launch of JD Central marks the onset of another step in JD’s journey to serve clients in Southeast Asia. The company already operates in Indonesia and Vietnam. Fashion companies keen on expanding their horizons in Thailand should observe JD Central since fashion is in the leading category.


Jingdong Mall is an e-commerce firm headquartered in Beijing. It’s one of the leading B2C online retailers by transaction input. It’s also a Fortune 500 Company and a rival to Alibaba-run Tmall. In 2018, the company garnered 301.8 million users. Liu Qiangdong established JD.Com in 1998. Its retail platforms were launched in 2004. It began as an online optical store then diversified into selling electronics, computers, and mobile phones. In 2007, the firm changed its domain name to In 2013, it rebranded to and publicized its new logo. View Related Info Here. uses the Jingteng Plan to offer brand owners accurate target market and diverse channels to sell their products. They also provide authentic goods at low prices as well as quality assurance. Clients come first. Jingdong has 170 million users while Tencent has more clients in WeChat and QQ. The plan assimilates consumer behavior data as well as social data. It also incorporates marketing solutions for social data. The user portraits and personalized creativity are some of Jinteng’s projects.


Jingdong is one of the leading companies in high tech besides AI deliver via drones, robots, and autonomous technology. It possesses the largest drone for deliveries with the strongest capability in the universe. It’s recently launched a testing program for robotic delivery services as well as drone delivery airports and operating driverless delivery via launching its autonomous truck. Over the years, has increased shares in mobile consumers in China. It invested $397 million in a luxury e-commerce platform called Farfetch in 2017.




Matthew Autterson graduated from the Michigan state university with a Bachelor of Arts in finance in the year 1980. Autterson then progressed to the University of Denver where he got to study with the graduate tax program. His career then started off at the First Trust Corporation where he worked as a senior manager. He then quit from the first trust corporation in 1982 for him to join a group of people that wanted to help charter a Colorado state corporation. They wanted to incorporate the company as a subsidiary of a financial company based in New York.



Autterson was then hired as the president of Resources Trust Company as the president of the company in 1986. After three years that is in 1989, the company resource trust along with the assets that it owned was purchased by another company, Broad Incorporation that later changed its name to Sun America. Sun America, however, did not last long as an independent company and was sold to AIG in 1998 for 18 billion dollars.



In May 2001, Fiserv made a purchase from AIG. This company, however, was doing quite well business wise on its own. It had no debts but had a lot of assets as a company as well as assets that were placed under their custody by their customers. The assets were valued at more than 20 billion dollars in the assets under its care and more than 1 billion dollars in deposits. The company had over 700 employees. The company also boasted of being one of the only companies that were state chartered as an insurance deposit company. Go Here for more information.



According to Sherri Koelbel, the host of an auction dance that was aimed at raising funds for the building of a carousel for the children who visit Denver’s Zoo. She said that the success of the auction was hugely credited to Matthew. This is because she saw that his connections in the corporate world were instrumental in raising the necessary funds. The auction attracted 2500 guests and raised a total of 600,000 dollars. There was a $50,000 title sponsor, six of Premier sponsors brought in $15,000, seven benefactor sponsors brought in $7,500, and there was a good number of corporate sponsors that brought in $3,000.



Matthew Autterson is currently working at CNS biosciences incorporation as the president and CEO.



How Matthew Autterson Has Advanced His Career Over The Years

Matthew Autterson is a member of the 1980 graduating class of Michigan State University. He earned a bachelor of arts in finance and then moved to the Denver, Colorado area. He also garnered a higher education at the Denver Graduate Tax Program before starting his professional career. His first position was at a startup called Resources Trust Company. This company was a subsidiary of Integrated Resources, Inc., which is headquartered in New York City.

At Resources Trust Company, Matthew Autterson rapidly advanced. Just four years after helping to successfully launch this chartered trust company he was promoted to the position of president. He remained in this position for fifteen years until it was bought by AIG. He made the decision to resign from his position as president in order to pursue other opportunities.

Gl3B Partners Limited, LLP, is a business that is a limited partnership firm. Matthew Autterson joined this company in 2001 and is its managing partner. He also has executive positions at another company in Englewood, Colorado called CNS Biosciences. As president and chief executive officer he handles the business strategy this company has in the pharmaceutical industry. The focus of CNS Biosciences is on creating a neuropathic pain drug. Find Additional Information Here.

Matthew Autterson is involved in the greater Denver community in a number of ways. For a decade he was on the Denver Zoo’s board, for example, including holding the position of vice chairman – finance. For 15 years he was the chairman of the board of directors for a local nonprofit called The Denver Hospice. He is presently on the board of directors of Falci Adaptive Biosystems. This nonprofit helps those with neuromotor disabilities gain the ability to interact with things in their environment.

In his private life, Matthew Autterson is an off-road racing enthusiast. One of his most memorable races occurred in Mexico. He was one of six team members who raced in the Baja 1000. This is a challenging 1,296-mile race and one of the people he was competing against was Patrick Dempsey who most famously played Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd on the popular tv show Grey’s Anatomy.


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