Review of The 30 Day Challenge App on NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV is a televised reliable source that features the latest consumer trends, entertainment news, technology, health, tourism, and travel. It is a conglomerate that provides reviews of exceptional products and services. It is featured on AMC network and ION Network. The show has been in business for over 25 and has over 700 million viewers in the United States.

Many celebrities appear on the show to speak on their cause and the charities they support. Some celebrities include Will Smith, Dwayne Johnson, and Mila Kunis. NewsWatch TV has showed more than 10,000 individual stories on large range like public policy, automobiles, legal issues, and mobile applications. One of the mobile applications featured on the show is The 30 Day Fitness Challenge.

The purpose of this app is to show how to transform your shape within 30 days by following the guidelines provided. All workouts are designed by a professional fitness coach. Since the app is on your phone, the exercises can be done at home or anywhere that is convenient and they can be started anytime of the year. It is an app that helps stop procrastination, instead it encourages motivation because the exercises are not time consuming, they are short yet effective since they specifically target the area to slim down and tone and reach your fitness ambitions. The workouts come with step by step easy to follow tutorials. Each workout begins with a warm up, the first days the exercises are easy, then become more intense to maximize your training. There are 300 workouts on the application.