Drew Madden founds Evergreen Healthcare Partners to fix derailed U.S. healthcare

Although it may be strident to refer to the U.S. healthcare system as a train wreck, the mere fact that the United States is the single richest country in history and, at the same time, is apparently incapable of delivering quality healthcare at affordable prices to a large swathe of its population is solid evidence of a system gone seriously awry.

Drew Madden, one of the leading figures in the healthcare IT space today, has been fighting against the systemic problems within the U.S. healthcare system for his entire career. The visionary and highly experienced entrepreneur has worked for the biggest names in the field, including the Cerner Corporation, Epic Systems and Nordic Consulting Partners. It was at this latter company that Madden became president, serving in that capacity for over five years and garnering some of the highest awards in the industry.

But Madden began to see that there were fundamental flaws in the ways that the field approached its work. Drew Madden saw that too much focus was being trained on the software side of the business while the people who deliver the healthcare and define the quality of the industry’s product were largely being ignored. It is the entirety of the operation — the software and the healthcare professionals who use it — that ultimately creates the end product. Madden decided that he needed to take an entirely new approach to the healthcare IT and consulting field. He would focus on the human elements within the healthcare system, building teams of professionals that were able to use software as an extension of their natural abilities, not an impediment to them.

It was with this concept in mind that Madden founded Evergreen Healthcare Partners in 2017. He and three other cofounders showed up in a rented conference room one day and, as Madden explains, they simply pretended they had a company until they actually had one.

Today, Evergreen has grown into a small but rapidly expanding healthcare consultancy. With 26 full-time consultants and more than a dozen major clients, its future is looking bright, and its new approach promises to fulfill the destiny of world-class universal healthcare that so many hope for in the U.S.

Creating Successful Investment Strategies with HCR Wealth Advisors

With economic environments across the world changing, many people now rely on personalized financial solutions from registered investment advisory firms. Registered investment advisory firms, like HCR Wealth Advisors, rely on a framework that stems from servicing high net worth individuals.

This mainly emanates from economic volatility that translates to high investment risks. To succeed as an investor, however, one must identify investments that are worth risking his or her capital on. With a RIA firm such as HCR Wealth Advisors, one is able to identify the best investments in any market. This is because such a firm has experienced professionals whose job description is to analyze the economic/financial data and interpret it against an investor’s objectives.

They also establish relationships through education and service. For instance, the aim of HCR Wealth Advisors is to develop strategies that help their clients reach their financial goals. This way, they are able to minimize the clients’ exposure to risks.

HCR Wealth Advisors also provides its clients with tailored investment opportunities and identifies the benefits and drawbacks of each investment with respect to individual goals. This RIA firm, according to Gazette Day, also creates personalized financial strategies in addition to educating its clients on investment strategy.

The objective of HCR Wealth Advisors is to help its clients navigate through the changing economic trends. The company analyzes the patterns presented by each trend and tries to determine how the information can be used to the clients’ benefits. The firm’s financial analysts have determined that a period of low volatility is often succeeded by a period of high volatility. HCR Wealth Advisors strive to use this and other strategies to make volatility a friend.

Through the identified, suitable investments, this RIA firm helps to ensure that its clients take advantage of what the current and future economic conditions have to offer. As a result, many investors rely on firms such as HCR Wealth Advisors to attain their financial goals.

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Victoria Doramus Recovering Addict and Recovery Expert

Victoria Doramus is currently an addiction recovery expert. She used to struggle herself with drug and alcohol addiction. She eventually hit rock bottom but managed to come back and by doing so she has become a stronger person. In the year 2011 when she was 26 years old she decided to get treatment. The first treatment center she went to was in Tuscon Arizona and was called Sierra Tuscon. After this she returned to Los Angeles. She didn’t realize how addicted she was and unfortunately her addiction to Adderal and cocaine came back to haunt her. She began to use again. She tried to move to different places thinking that a geographical change might help her but she brought herself along with her and her addiction so she kept relapsing and using again. She went to a 60 day recovery stay at a rehab in Connecticut and was more determined than ever to make it right.

According to crunchbase, after family and friends had given up on her she still couldn’t give up her drugs of choice. She couldn’t get it through her head that most people simply can’t sober up on their own. She needed to reach out to others to stay sober, not to stay high. She felt as though she was imprisoned by her addiction and gave up all hope of sobriety. After being arrested she realized that this was it. She needed to sober up or spend a life in institutions, hospitals, prisons, or possibly death.

Doramus, a market analyst, trends professional and philanthropist, wound up in a treatment center called Burning Tree in Austion Texas. This was a 12 step program like Alcoholics Anonymous is. It took a hard love approach. Prayer and meditation followed by mandatory meetings and a nightly A.A. meeting were required. This hard love approach helped her to become and stay sober. Follow Doramus on Pinterest.

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Organo Gold: A Golden Opportunity

Organo Gold is a revolutionary coffee company that is changing the industry, one sip at a time. The company serves up a unique brew: coffee infused with ganoderma mushroom powder. Sounds a little weird, right? Read more at patch.com about Organo Gold.

Well, according to Organo Gold and their satisfied customers, this coffee concoction makes perfect sense. These unique mushrooms have been used in ancient medicine practices in China and other Asian regions for thousands of years. These healthy little mushrooms are grown on wood and have medical and anti oxidant effects that help the health of their customers.

Another unique aspect of Organo Gold’s coffee is that it comes in small, easy to store packets that resemble teabags. This means that making a perfect cup of Organo Gold coffee is simple and easy, no matter how drowsy customers are in the morning before they get their first sip!

Organo Gold not only supplies a healthier alternative to traditional coffee, the company also utilizes a unique direct selling method that utilizes grassroot local connections to get their product sold around the globe. Ambitious salespeople can sign up to sell Organo Gold and get huge commissions from large sales, or just save money on their regular coffee purchases by selling to friends and family. These independent distributors are making big bucks off this healthy product that customers cannot get enough of!

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The company is mainly focused in North America, but they’ve made huge strides towards expanding into Asia and other foreign markets. With coffee this good and dedicated distributors, truly anything is possible for this revolutionary company! Follow Organo Gold on Linkedin.com.


Looking at the Fee Structures of HCR Wealth Advisors

When looking for a financial advisor, one thing to look at is the fees. A lot of institutions that help people with their finances have hidden fees. This is one of the most frustrating aspects of looking for a financial advisor. While people are advised to look at the fine print, some people will have a hard time understanding a lot of text that uses a lot of information that can confuse them. While they can ask, they can still get an answer that misrepresents everything which can leave them with a bad surprise somewhere down the line.

Fortunately for HCR Wealth Advisors, they are upfront about their fees. They tell their clients about the way they handle fees in a way that is clear. Therefore, there is very little room for confusion on the part of the client. This often makes clients more comfortable with getting help from this company. They get to gain insight and advice from an institution that shows that they have the best interest of the clients in mind. As a matter of fact, they state that the client comes first all the time. After all, they make money by making sure that the client is satisfied and working towards their financial goals.

HCR Wealth Advisors (@HcrWealth) is here for many different purposes. People who are deep in debt can visit these financial professionals in order to come up with a plan to pay off the debt. Angel.co mentioned that people who are looking for ways to retire can also come up with a plan for reaching these goals. Then of course there are people that just want to increase the amount of money they make and save so that they can support themselves and their families for a long time. Financial challenges can be met with some of the most sensible solutions. See HCR Wealth’s career history.

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The Success of Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an investment firm that has brought significant changes in the investment and bank sector. For any player to succeed in the banking sector, trust and honesty must be a key component in the course of the operation. Thus Madison Street Capital has shown commitment to excellence, leadership, and integrity and service delivery in corporate financial advisory, acquisition and mergers, valuation and financial opinions to privately owned business as well as public institutions. The services Madison Street Capital offers are of high quality making it possible for clients to succeed in the global market. After Madison undertakes a project from a client, the goals and objection of the customers become the responsibility of the organisation. For instance, if the main client objective is to raise capital, Madison through its employees ensures the customer gets the substantive amount needed for business. The firm has earned the trust of all its clients across the globe through the unwavering dedication and professionalism in handling the needs of the consumers. Recently Madison Street demonstrated its efficiency by successfully acting as an exclusive financial advisor for Napoleon Machine. Through its effort and dedication, the management of Napoleon was impressed and acknowledges the critical role Madison played. The successful brokering of the deal by the Madison Street Capital on behalf of Napoleon Machine can be found in PR.com.

Madison Street has adopted a worldwide view, and as a result, it has opened offices across the globe such as in Asia, North America, and Africa. The company believes in adopting the models that emphasise on building local business network and relationships. One of the main areas that the Madison Street focuses majorly on is the capital structuring. For instance, the management has accrued a significant amount of experience in helping their client restructure their capital without experiencing negative effects in the books of accounts. Being a leading investment bank, the company mainly deals with middle-market firms that are looking for effective and flexible funding solutions. As a result of interacting with various financial institutions, Madison is exposed to a wide range of sources of funds such as commercial banks, angel investors, private equity groups, mezzanine lenders and others. Hence, the clients are in a position to choose from a wide range of lenders. In the course of seeking the financial solutions to the different clients, the company has adopted approaches such as corporate valuation expertise, debt restructuring experience and financial relationships. The implementation of the above approaches always yields optimal results to the clients enabling them to achieve their financial goals. Madison Street Capital does target not only existing business but also start-up situations as well as early-stage businesses. The employees of Madison are equipped with experience and knowledge in dealing with growth capital,accounts receivables,working capital and debt restructuring and consolidation.


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Jed McCaleb Talks on the Future of Stellar.org

During a four-day occasion which featured evening events and conferences about blockchain technology, cybersecurity, and fintech subjects, Finance Magnets happened to attend a session dabbed as “An Evening with Stellar and eToro.” This meeting, held at Rise, was graced by two guest speakers: eToro Chief Executive Officer, Yoni Assia, and the Co-founder of Stellar, Jed McCaleb. Both of them gave their opinions on blockchain technology trends and their take on future investments. While giving his keynote address, McCaleb described Stellar as a non-profit making platform that makes use of an open protocol for payments. He added that besides each digital dollar being real, Stellar also promoted enormous opportunities and creativity.

According to Jed, it is mining that reminded him of the crypto world. Further, in an attempt to shed light on mining, he said that a big chunk of money, to a tune of one billion dollars, had been pumped into crypto mining and he had always wanted to find a solution. “We cannot take bitcon further than a token even though it is an awesome idea,” he added.

On Stellar conception, McCaleb said that the bottom-line was coming up with a platform that would make a significant improvement in how tokens are distributed. He believed that Stellar was the answer to this, as it would provide tokens both for developers and other huge projects. He applauded Stellar as the best option for those intending to store assets or transfer value.

Global Coin Report says that at the time of this occasion, Stellar had encountered significant growth, having a total of 450 employees and about nine million users. As a first moving platform for the cryptocurrency, Stellar Lumens has over seven billion dollars of market capital. It focuses on evolving the unbanked populations plus market development. For more info about Jed’s work history, read more.

Jed McCaleb, the co-founder, and CTO of Stellar.org is an American programmer, born in Arkansas. He schooled at the University of California where he acquired a strong programming and entrepreneurship background. He has been well known for the creation of bitcons, a skill that makes him a valuable asset to Stellar.org.

More info about Jed’s blockchain prediction: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/21/an-early-bitcoin-pioneer-predicts-how-the-blockchain-will-change-banking.html

HCR Wealth Advisors Helps to Prepare Retirees for Their Golden Years

The “golden years” is the period of time that takes place once a person retires from work. The term was developed a long time ago to signify the good life that retirees are supposed to live once they make it to this point. However, many retirees end up living boring and uneventful lives because they cannot figure out what to do with themselves. They also are prone to dealing with a variety of negative issues which range from alcohol abuse to mental health disorders.

The problem with retiring today has to do with long life and lack of purpose. Medically speaking, people are living a lot longer than they did in the past. Since this is the case, retirees now have more time on their hands after retiring. A retired person must now determine the best way they can spend their golden years. If not, they may wander aimlessly through their retirement and probably end up in a place where they will not be happy with themselves.

Retirees that do not have a purpose will most likely end up wasting away during their retirement years. Once a person’s career has come to an end, they should find out what their next venture is going to be. People should do something that will give them meaning in life. Once again, if they don’t do what is necessary they may end up in a place where they don’t want to be.

HCR Wealth Advisors helps people to plan out their golden years. They not only look at the financial aspect of retirement they also help their clients to determine the next phase of their life. HCR Wealth Advisors helps its clients develop a personalized retirement plan that will grow and change to fit the client’s needs during the golden years. This simply means that a retiree can live for a long time and not have to worry about money or purpose. HCR Wealth Advisors’ new retirement plan ensures that people have everything they need to live a great life once their careers have ended. Check out these available Jobs at HCR Wealth and on Facebook.

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Experience Financial Solutions with Heather Russell

The appointment of Heather Russell to join TransUnion as the executive vice President comes at a time when she was experiencing a steady career growth in her field of expertise. Speaking during her inauguration ceremony, Jim Peck, the TransUnion President echoed that Heather Russell would bring traffic expertise and skills that are relevant to TranUnion. He expressed confidence that Heather Russell’s joining the team came at the right time as the company was heightening its growth strategy and providing innovative solutions for its clientele base, consumers, and global economies.

Prior to joining TransUnion, Heather Russell had served in other companies in various capacities. She served as the Managing Director and the Head of Public Policy and Regulatory affairs at the Bank of New York Mellon; Associate General Counsel and senior vice president at the Bank of America; and In-charge of Corporate Finance and financial services at Arps in Washington DC. She also worked as a leader in the Law firm of Buckley Sandler, LLP, serving as the firm’s financial institutions regulation, supervision and fintech services in-charge.

Heather Russell, the new Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer of TransUnion, is a BA holder from the College of Williams & Mary, in addition to being a JD with honors from Washington College of Law, an American University. She takes over from John Blanke who is yet to retire in the year.

While at TransUnion, Heather Russell will be expected to use her 20 years of experience in the global financial services sector, her data privacy, and security knowledge, and her expertise in customer financial services to take TransUnion a notch higher.

In her acceptance speech, Russell reiterated that TransUnion provides information solutions that matter to many businesses and expressed her excitement to join the company.

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Michael Burwell’s New Leadership Role

Michael Burwell is all ready to step into his new role as Chief Financial Officer at Willis Towers Watson. The global advisory company’s previous Chief Financial Officer retired leaving an opening. Willis Towers Watson thinks very highly of Burwell and is pleased that he is a new addition to the team.

Burwell is a great fit considering he’s spent more than 3 decades of his life working within the finance sector. Not to mention, his high level of professionalism. This won’t be Burwell’s first leadership role either. He has served in multiples leadership roles in the past 10 years. Burwell is excited about the new opportunity and is ready to begin contributing to the company.

Burwell is a Michigan State University graduate who holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. He is also a trained CPA.

Willis Towers Watson’s history can be traced all the way back to the 1800’s. Over the years the company has expanded its reach exponentially to include well over 100 countries. It provides its clients with solutions that minimize risk and promote growth. Its unique approach and methods is the reason it is still relevant today.

There are few financial advisors as accomplished as Michael Burwell. Most people believe he will play a crucial part in Willis Towers Watson moving forward. His experience in the industry gives him a perspective on things others just don’t possess. Every role he’s had leading up to this one will definitely help him in his new position.

Burwell is also well versed in the transaction business. It was while working in the transaction business that the company really began to pay attention to Burwell. Prior to the transaction business he spent several years working on business advisory services. Eventually he was promoted to elected partner at the company’s operations hub in Detroit. He was so good at his job that he was quickly promoted again to head of the central US transaction division.

Michael Burwell continues to achieve success and shows no sign of slowing down. 2018 is expected to be a breakout year for the financial advisor extraordinaire.


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