Steve Lesnard discusses the art of digital product marketing

Steve Lesnard is one of the most iconic integrated marketing and consumer experts in the global business sector. During his career as a global brand marketing consultant, he has helped several notable brands venture into new markets and also launch new products. Recently, Steve wrote a piece on Medium discussing the art of digital product marketing. With the dynamics of products marketing widely changing as a result of the emergence of a digital world, this article seeks to provide direction on how to successfully sell a product in such a time.

Make it simple and memorable

According to this global brand marketing consultant, in such a revolutionary time, it’s important for a business to make its marketing campaign simple and memorable. If the campaign is meant to introduce a new product into the market, Steve Lesnard advised that it should clearly mention its benefit to the consumers. In addition to this, it should also clearly state what’s new and what is better. This global brand marketing consultant went ahead to mention that a good marketing campaign for the digital world is one that seeks to elevate the unique experience that a product offers its customers. He said that successful brands like Apple and Peleton had perfected this technique in their marketing campaigns and it has made the very successful. Apple employed this technique when introducing its widely prosperous iPod to the world and is doing the same with their watches.

Make it real

Making the marketing campaign realistic is also another essential aspect of making a product successful according to Steve Lesnard. He stated that marketing teams should work on bringing their products to life by showcasing their real-life benefits. The benefits are real-life experiences that consumers can bond with. This global brand marketing consultant mentioned that if it’s a product meant for hikers, it should be put in such an environment. If its product that it is intended for finance professionals, it should also be put in that environment. Steve Lesnard mentioned that this tactic allows for the target consumers to bond with the products as they can relate the benefits to their lives.

Mathew Fleeger Discusses the Success of Gulf Coast Ventures

Mathew Fleeger has proved to be a leader and a genius in the oil and gas industry. He has been able to lead a joint venture in oil and gas exploration in an area that is not considered as oil and gas dominant, the Gulf Coast of the United States. Unlike Middle East and other parts of Asia, oil and gas are not main commodities in the United States coastline. This means that companies operating in this region have to put up with high coast of operations with near zero returns.

Besides these challenges and the knowledge that oil and gas exploration is not an easy industry, Mathew Fleeger has remained optimistic that his company, where he works as the president and chief executive officer will be able to achieve its goals and objectives within a short period. The company has remained relevant for an extended period of time, which can be attributed to the leadership strategies and skills manifested by the leadership under concern.

One may wonder what strategy Mathew Fleeger has been using to stay relevant and make profit where other oil and gas exploration companies have been closing down their operations. One of the main factors to highlight is that Mathew has been in this industry for an extended period of time. This makes him to have the necessary knowledge, expertise, and skills to navigate the sector when everything starts going south.

Mathew Fleeger also highlights that the success of the company can be attributed to the transparent relationship that his joint venture company has created with other people working in the same industry. It is important to record that individuals have to operate in honesty, integrity and respect, if they are going to succeed in the oil and gas exploration sector. This means that the success of his company has been achieved through teamwork.

Igor Cornelsen, the Intelligent Brazilian Investor

Igor Cornelsen is a well-known investment officer in Brazil who was born on October 4th, 1947.Igor is an alumnus of Federal University School. Initially, when he joined the university he was studying engineering then later he realized he had no true passion for the course, and he joined the school of business to study economics in the same school. Note that Igor did not quit his engineering course. Studying economics was his interest, and he exploited his talent and love for business, and this marked the start of his success in the business field.

After completion of his studies in the year 1970, Cornelsen was employed with a bank in Brazil as an accountant to calculate compound interest rates since computers and calculators were not common by then. This was a common job for many engineers that time as they were conversant with the math and this job equipped Igor Cornelsen with accounting and some business skills. He worked excellently and later got a job in Rio as an investment banker. His work was remarkable, and he got a promotion Multibanco where he was a member of the Board of Directors. Two years later, Igor was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Igor Cornelsen later joined Unibanco, a leading investment firm by then and worked there for eight years and later went to Libra Bank PLC. After working with this company for some years, Igor moved to Standard Chartered Bank, and there he was a board member. Working in this firm opened his mind, and he came up with a business idea.

Cornelsen left standard Chartered Bank and started his investment firm which offered similar services to those of Standard Chartered Bank. He still works an investment manager, and at the same, he effectively operates his company.