How Has Come To Be China’s Largest E-Commerce Company Courtesy Of Liu Qiangdong


JD .com is one of the giant leading e-commerce companies in China and across the world. It was founded by Richard Liu Qiangdong as a small Motor and Brick retail shop in the hearts of Beijing.


It is NASDAQ listed as well as listed as one of the fast growing and giant IPO. Richard Liu has a had a trajectory of massive growth where he was keen to follow his intrinsic motives as well as entrepreneurial skills to succeed in the industry. His Savvy in business has always led his efforts in meeting the consumers demands as well as committing in business.


Liu Qiangdong grew up in one of the humble villages in China with his parents. He studied in the People’s University of China attaining a Bachelor Degree in Sociology. However, he culminated his computer knowledge desires through self-learning of computer science especially coding and programming. Richard Liu entered into his Foray in the realms of E-commerce through the distinguished position he got in Japan Life after completion of his studies. In Japan Life he was the Director in the Computers department before leaving to focus on his own businesses. Refer to This Article for related information.


Eventually, Richard Liu had to rent a small stall in Beijing for the sales of the magneto products. Although Tech hub in China was very competitive, he was able to move along through identification of the different market gaps. As he expanded his business, he put his venture in opening of different retail spaces dealing with the same products as it became one local chain. However, the political environment was not favorable for the retail businesses in China as clients had to do shopping from home.


The burgeoning environment had to be a revolutionary factor to many businesses. Richard Liu knew that he had to adapt to the new business environment so he merged all his retail shops to form one company known as Jingdong. This was his first E-commerce Company where he later renamed it as


JD dealt with online shopping of luxurious products through technological advancements. Besides, till today remain the best in online sales through fast delivery sales that takes less than two days.


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