Roseann Bennett Seeks Integration of Canine Assisted Therapy in Her Treatment Team


Roseann Bennett is a licensed marriage and family therapist and takes pride of experience of more than a decade in this field. Roseann Bennett hails from New Jersey and is outstanding in the fields of counseling, therapy, and psychology. After acquiring a wealth of experience as a home-based therapist for many years, Roseann Bennett identified the need for commencing outpatient treatments for the marginalized as well as people who would not be able to afford expensive treatment.

Therefore, Bennett stepped up to her own plate and pioneered the Center For Assessment and Treatment, whose mission was to offer extensive and continuing counseling services for all kind of people. Together with her husband Todd, Roseann Bennett established the Center using her own funds. By preserving self- sufficiency financial state, Roseann Bennett has been able to support this Center in a way that it is pertinent, therapeutic and favorable to her clients and has been able to beat bureaucracy that is commonly associated with institutions that are funded by outsiders. Go Here for additional information.

As a partner and the present Executive Director of the Center For Assessment and Treatment, she is entrusted with the mandate of formulating curriculum for different programs and ensuring that the daily operations of the clinic are a success. With her vast experience in counseling, Roseann is knowledgeable with extensive goals of therapy and how different methods can bring different results for different people.

Being a sturdy believer in different forms of therapeutic activities, Roseann Bennett is now striving to ensure that Canine Assisted Therapy is integrated into different constituents within her procedures. Roseann Bennett is confident that Canine Assisted Therapy can be beneficial and warmly accepts the integration of therapy dog named Jack to her treatment team at the Center For Assessment and Treatment. Bennett hopes that the addition of the dog jack to the treatment team will enhance the already established therapeutic interventions.


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