The Bakker Legacy Continued


Some people work their whole lives to fulfill their dreams of becoming a business owner, an entrepreneur, a mother, as well as philanthropist; but Kimberly Bakker is one of the few individuals who get to live all four dreams at once.

Born in San Francisco, and raised in an old-fashioned town named Ross, Bakker had a picture-perfect childhood in a family multi-generational home. In school, Bakker was a bright student who didn’t shy away from projects; instead, she added a list of feats to her name. Some of these feats include volunteering as a teacher, becoming the Women’s Advocate of the Panhellenic Board, as well as graduating as one of the top seniors with her Bachelor’s Degree in Business at The University of Southern California in 1992.

As a hard-working individual, Bakker became the Sales and Marketing Director for L’ermitage Hotels to eventually spending some years as an Event Planner for firms involved in high-tech, all of which helped her to develop the skills necessary to driver her entrepreneurial spirit.

It was in the year 2000 when Bakker set out to bring her knowledge and experience to the public and create her event management company, Kimberly Bakker Events, which eventually became known for offering a type of flavor that portrays itself in all forms of hospitality service.

By establishing herself in the hospitality world, Bakker was able to attain several positions such as the San Francisco Protocol Officer as well as the Director of the San Francisco Fall Antiques Show which were positions that she excelled at and used as stepping stones to reach even higher heights. Find Additional Information Here.

Looking past her exceptional professional life, she gave some of her spare time to give back to society and built several charitable organizations such as “The Project For Women” and in particular “The Project for Girls” which focused on providing a positive emotional environment for girls to prosper.


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