Kimberly Bakker: The Ultimate Momtrepreneur


“Momtrepreneur”, CEO and sitting board member, these are all the hats that Kimberly Bakker of Kimberly Bakker Events puts on every single day. After graduating from The University of Southern California, Kimberly Bakker quickly introduced herself to the event industry in the form of the Protocol Officer at the San Francisco Mayor’s Office. Bakker’s talents were quickly utilized as she often spoke to the public on the behalf of the mayor.

After years working for someone else, Baker quickly realized that her talents and experience naturally evolved her into wanting to create her own business, and there laid the idea which would become Kimberly Bakker Events. We were recently able to catch up with Kimberly Bakker and ask her a few questions about her business and life in general.


What is the key component to a great event planning company?

Kimberly Bakker believes that the key to a good event planning company is having the ability to organize properly. She adds that any and all things can go wrong when planning an event, however, being able to create an organized list of all the to-do’s for that day can create a sort of safety net in case anything goes south.


Any advice that you would give to people looking to open their own business?

Bakker says that people need to listen to their instincts, ultimately listening to yourself instead of others will lead you the path you were meant to follow. In addition, Bakker reminds us that with age comes wisdom, so if you don’t know what you want right now it’s okay. See This Page for additional information.


What separates you from other event planning companies?

Bakker says that her ability to bring warmth and add detail to her events ultimately sets her apart. For example, small details such as the type of silverware used for the event can totally change the mood.


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