Jeff Herman: An Advocate For Children

Jeff Herman did not go to law school with the intent of becoming an advocate for the survivors of sex crimes. For many years Jeff Herman practiced law in the area of commercial litigation, which means that he represented businesses both large and small in negotiations. However, realized that it was not what he wanted to be doing and was neither rewarding nor personally fulfilling. Go Here for additional information about his interview with IdeaMensch.


That changed approximately 20 years ago when two parents reached out to him to help them with a total nightmare. That nightmare was known as the “pee-pee” man — an individual by the name of Dan, who volunteered at a preschool for autistic children, and was the same school that the parent’s child attended. Dan had moved from state to state in an attempt to mask his heinous actions — and he succeeded — being that he was already a convicted pedophile. The preschool failed to do a simple background check resulting in over 20 innocent children being abused at the hands of this man.


That is all that it took for Jeff Herman to take action. Jeff Herman utilized his skills and knowledge of the law to bring justice to these individuals in the civil court system. Often many schools, churches, and other institutions have oversights at the regional level which allow for the hiring of many different types of employees without proper screening. Leading to many unfortunate circumstances where safety and the most qualified person for the job are often not of primary concern — due to the lack of options for these institutions.


However, despite how often this occurs in many of these institutions such as schools, churches, and daycare centers — Jeff Herman Gives Voice to these voiceless victims — which he does by bringing suit via civil litigation to ensures that these types of abuses never happen again. That is why today he could not see himself doing anything other than representing these victims and is the reason for founding his law firm — Herman Law — to do so.




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