Rocketship Education Beats the Odds in the Different States

Do you know that the quality of education in our country depends on where you live and also the financial standard of your parents? If your answer is I don’t know, then that is the sad truth. However, there are people of kind heart who have come together to make sure that even the less fortunate children get a quality education. As a result, there was the birth of Rocketship Education.

Formed in 2006, Rocketship Education is a non-profit group of public k-5 schools aimed at providing quality education to disadvantaged children in different communities within the US. Rocketship Education strives to meet the needs of diverse students by breeding traditional instructions with adaptive technology. Their mission is to not only educate students but also empowering teachers, parents and inspiring the community at large.

The school has created an environment, which includes parents in decision making. Many opportunities are opened for parents to serve. There is “Coffee With the principle” meeting, which is usually hosted once in a month where parents are allowed to speak up their concerns and make decisions together with leaders of the school.

Rocketship Education encourages teachers to visit the parents in their homes. By the end of the year, it is a must for a teacher to have completed at least 50-60 visits. Those visits build a healthy relationship between teachers and families. As a result, they maintain a reliable communication throughout the year.

Rocketship Education runs a cultural program where parents visits the classrooms on a monthly bases. Together with children, parents’ discusses lessons the values derived from the cultural story. The visit strengthens the bond between parents and students even though they come from different backgrounds and speak different languages.

Rocketship Education mission is to eliminate the achievement gap, which is caused by lack of opportunities. They will achieve this through continuous innovations. Rocketship Education is getting famous as the years pass. It has expanded to different states serving over 2500 less fortunate students. The schools continue to produce the highest ranked students in the regions they operate. The most notable is in California where Rocketship ranks in the top 10% in both English and math performance among all elementary schools.

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