Drew Madden founds Evergreen Healthcare Partners to fix derailed U.S. healthcare

Although it may be strident to refer to the U.S. healthcare system as a train wreck, the mere fact that the United States is the single richest country in history and, at the same time, is apparently incapable of delivering quality healthcare at affordable prices to a large swathe of its population is solid evidence of a system gone seriously awry.

Drew Madden, one of the leading figures in the healthcare IT space today, has been fighting against the systemic problems within the U.S. healthcare system for his entire career. The visionary and highly experienced entrepreneur has worked for the biggest names in the field, including the Cerner Corporation, Epic Systems and Nordic Consulting Partners. It was at this latter company that Madden became president, serving in that capacity for over five years and garnering some of the highest awards in the industry.

But Madden began to see that there were fundamental flaws in the ways that the field approached its work. Drew Madden saw that too much focus was being trained on the software side of the business while the people who deliver the healthcare and define the quality of the industry’s product were largely being ignored. It is the entirety of the operation — the software and the healthcare professionals who use it — that ultimately creates the end product. Madden decided that he needed to take an entirely new approach to the healthcare IT and consulting field. He would focus on the human elements within the healthcare system, building teams of professionals that were able to use software as an extension of their natural abilities, not an impediment to them.

It was with this concept in mind that Madden founded Evergreen Healthcare Partners in 2017. He and three other cofounders showed up in a rented conference room one day and, as Madden explains, they simply pretended they had a company until they actually had one.

Today, Evergreen has grown into a small but rapidly expanding healthcare consultancy. With 26 full-time consultants and more than a dozen major clients, its future is looking bright, and its new approach promises to fulfill the destiny of world-class universal healthcare that so many hope for in the U.S.

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