Organo Gold: A Golden Opportunity

Organo Gold is a revolutionary coffee company that is changing the industry, one sip at a time. The company serves up a unique brew: coffee infused with ganoderma mushroom powder. Sounds a little weird, right? Read more at about Organo Gold.

Well, according to Organo Gold and their satisfied customers, this coffee concoction makes perfect sense. These unique mushrooms have been used in ancient medicine practices in China and other Asian regions for thousands of years. These healthy little mushrooms are grown on wood and have medical and anti oxidant effects that help the health of their customers.

Another unique aspect of Organo Gold’s coffee is that it comes in small, easy to store packets that resemble teabags. This means that making a perfect cup of Organo Gold coffee is simple and easy, no matter how drowsy customers are in the morning before they get their first sip!

Organo Gold not only supplies a healthier alternative to traditional coffee, the company also utilizes a unique direct selling method that utilizes grassroot local connections to get their product sold around the globe. Ambitious salespeople can sign up to sell Organo Gold and get huge commissions from large sales, or just save money on their regular coffee purchases by selling to friends and family. These independent distributors are making big bucks off this healthy product that customers cannot get enough of!


The company is mainly focused in North America, but they’ve made huge strides towards expanding into Asia and other foreign markets. With coffee this good and dedicated distributors, truly anything is possible for this revolutionary company! Follow Organo Gold on


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