Tony Petrello Divides His Time Between Philanthropy And His Daughter

     Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd., but it’s his philanthropic work that’s drawing attention these days. Tony is known for his compassion and generosity. Those traits seem even more astonishing, upon realizing that Tony and his family are going through struggles of their own. In fact, it may be his daughter’s premature birth and ensuing medical condition that has prompted Petrello’s generous contributions to the healthcare industry.

Tony Petrello Seeks Help for His Daughter, Carena

It’s unknown whether or not having been born prematurely may have been a causal factor in Carena Petrello developing periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). Whatever the cause, the condition inhibits Carena’s ability to eat, walk, and speak. In fact, she didn’t start chewing her food until she was seven years old. This is because the chewing motion we take for granted had to be consciously learned. Carena had to repeat the act of chewing over and over, until her brain eventually learned the habit.

Tony and his wife, Cynthia, are hopeful that science will soon find a cure for Carena’s condition. To that end, they’re very active philanthropists, donating money to projects that may lead to a cure or a better treatment for PVL. In the past. They have donated a total of $5 million to research and have recently pledged another $2 million.

As a member of the Texas Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees, Tony Petrello has used his connections to learn more about how brain disorders affect children. To his surprise, he found that there has been very little research into this specialized area of genetics. He hopes his donations will change that in time to benefit Carena.

Tony Petrello Creates an Endowment Fund at Yale University

When Tony attended Yale University, he happened to meet Professor Serge Lang. Petrello and Lang became fast friends and cultivated a relationship in the years following Tony’s graduation. When he heard about Professor Lang’s death, Tony was deeply saddened. By the time of the memorial service, he had made up his mind to act.

Mr. Petrello wanted to do something to immortalize Serge Lang, so he announced that he planned to set up an endowment fund in the Yale professor’s name. Tony pledged to start the fund with a $150,000 donation in memory of his friend.

As a beloved mathematics professor and world-renowned author, Lang touched many lives. Representatives for Yale University say they plan on reaching out to former students and to some of Serge’s colleagues to request additional donations. Tony Petrello pledged another $150,000 to match any donations the university receives from other donors.


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