End Citizens United Announces New Endorsements For 2018

End Citizens United was created on 1 March in 2015. It is a political action committee that has a definite vision of its mission. The people who are responsible for the political action committee’s creation did so in an effort to help in the ending of the influence that big money has on politics.

Cory Booker has recently made an announcement to refuse donations from corporate political action committees and also has received the praise of End Citizens United due to his decision to do so. The president of End Citizens United Tiffany Muller has stated that this is a clear show of the commitment that Cory Booker has two leading his people in the fight to create a just political system. By no longer accepting corporate interest donations he will no longer be accountable to corporate special interests. Instead, he will be a representative of the American people as he should be.

Cory Booker is not the only politician that has made a similar pledge over the last several years. There are in fact many candidates and members of Congress that are currently endorsed by End Citizens United. Anytime that End Citizens United endorses a candidate they always encourage the individual to reject money from special interest groups. The new trend has been experiencing great success lately because individuals all across the country have begun refusing to take money from special interest political action committees.

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Just recently Kirsten Gillibrand a New York Sen. was added to the name of endorsed members of Congress from End Citizens United. This was done after she made a similar announcement that she would no longer accept donations from mega-donors. Tiffany Muller commended Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on her commitment to maintaining accountability and leadership for her constituents in the state of New York.

As of now, End Citizens United has stated that over 70% of the candidates during the midterms this year have rejected donations from special interest political action committees. American people are growing more and more intolerant of the way things are ran in Washington. This is giving growing support to members of Congress that are rejecting funds from special interest political action committees. In 2016 only three candidates made the pledge to reject money from corporate special interest groups but the midterm elections this year have proven that the trend is growing exponentially.

By rejecting donations from political interest groups and mega-donors political candidates give a clear demonstration that they are going to represent their constituents rather than corporations. This is led to concerns as to how politicians will be able to fund their campaigns by no longer accepting large donations from corporations. It is the goal of End Citizens United to help fund honest politicians through grassroots funding methodologies.

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