Securus Technologies with Robert Johnson

Some memories remain in our minds forever. Robert Johnson, now working as a consultant of Securus Technologies was an ex-officer at the correctional facilities. Robert Johnson resigned from his job after the attack in his house. Johnson vividly remembers the details of the fateful day and shares with everyone who cares to hear his sad story.

Robert Johnson woke up at 5:30 am to prepare for work. He heard noises from his front door and immediately knew it was an attack. He called out to the attacker, to ensure he didn’t head to the bedroom where his wife was. All he remembers was waking up in the hospital bed with pain all over his body.

It was clear the intruder had left Robert Johnson to die. After an investigation, it was confirmed that the intruder was an ex-convict who was instructed to kill Robert Johnson. How Johnson survived this incidence is a mystery.

Robert Johnson is currently working with Securus Technologies. The firm works to connect the inmates to the outside world. They also take responsibility in seeing that the public is safe. Securus Technologies provides a mobile network to the prisons, which enables them to control the phone calls from the facilities.

Robert Johnson participated in a conference meeting discussing the extent of damage that the gadgets in the facilities are causing. The federal law restricts blocking of the mobile signals completely from any area. This is why the wireless containment services offered by Securus Technologies was the best option.

Robert Johnson says that he must ensure that there are no contraband cells in the facilities to protect the officers from going through what he experienced at the hands of the convicts.

Robert Johnson lives with pain every day of his life. He has undergone more than 23 surgeries as a result of the attack. When he was in the hospital bed, the doctors told his wife he wouldn’t survive; her wife was, however, sure he would make it because she felt he had not served his whole purpose in life. This is why he doesn’t let the pain he is experiencing stop him from going about all his activities.

Robert Johnson is very angry about a recent attack that occurred. He says that a nine-month-old baby was shot dead at the hands of his mother. The killing was a result of some inmates not being happy with the way the uncle of the kid was behaving. Johnson says that this act is ridiculous and need to come to a stop.

He will be able to see his dream of cells clean; with no illegal cell phones come true through Securus Technologies. Over the years, the firm has managed to block more than 1.7 million inmates’ calls in the state.


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