Betsy DeVos Mixes it Up with the Elites

Betsy DeVos, the education secretary under President Trump, met with representatives selected by LGBT employees at the Education Department to explain some changes. The Trump administration rescinded older federal policies that allowed transgender students to use school bathrooms based on their gender identities. An unnamed aide assured employees that DeVos resisted the move.


She then joined the other members of the administration when announcing the new policy on the next Thursday. According to her later statement, the federal guidelines were another example of executive overreach committed by the Obama Administration. In spite of the fact that these contradicting statements seem to insinuate that DeVos is willing to play both sides of the aisle, experts warn that she’s a relentless political fighter who will stop at nothing to achieve positive change with anything she works in.


A Tendency to Underestimate Her


Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, explained that there’s tendency to underestimate DeVos because of her rather meek personality. She’s well-known for having worked with Pitbull and other celebrities on charity projects while at the same time managing the school system in the Detroit area. These sorts of interests would make her seem something like a PTA superstar more than a political fighter.


Weingarten feels that this kind of thinking is exactly why so many people underestimate her ability to get things done. Since she’s not a typical politician, it’s difficult for some people to imagine her mixing it up with typical politicians. Nevertheless, she’s been more than capable of doing just that.


Opposition from Washington Emboldens DeVos


Those who underestimate her are often surprised by the way that Betsy DeVos is capable of mixing it up with the Washington elites. Greg McNeilly is a Republican political functionary who worked with DeVos in Michigan. He says that she understands that even schools that perform well in the United States don’t measure up to national standards. McNeilly has said on more than one occasion that she’s not afraid to challenge anyone in Washington who would disagree with that assessment.


When DeVos feels the pressure from her opposition, she actually ramps up her political game that much more strongly. She’s long pushed for charter and magnet schools in Michigan after pointing out the failure of public schools in the state. DeVos is now ready to challenge the public sector education industry on a national stage, and political elites need to watch out. She might just run them over.


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Alex Paul Provides Valuable Insight into his Group Chainsmokers

Alex Paul is one half of the duo the EDM/pop group – the Chainsmokers. This group was first formed in 2012 and has become a household name. Songs such as Don’t Let Me Down featuring Daya, Closer and Paris are some of their biggest hits to date.

In 2018 the group took their music into another direction with the song Sick Boy. In a dialogue with Interview Magazine, Alex Paul revealed some interesting things about his group. He shared the origin story of the Chainsmokers and how this group went on to become a huge success.

Andrew Taggart and Alex Paul met about 6 years ago. They were young and upcoming DJs for the local music scenes within their communities. Paul hails from Maine and Taggart from the New York City area. Paul was attending school in NYC at the time and did a lot of DJing for college crowds.

He was the original member of the Chainsmokers with another DJ named Rhett Bixler. Bixler left the Chainsmokers and was eventually replaced by Andrew Taggart. Paul stated that Andrew was a perfect match for the group and that he knew they would be very successful after his arrival.

Eventually, the two men began to work together to form some of their earlier material in 2012. The song Selfie was a modest hit and it helped to get their name out in the open. Paul and Taggart had to work hard through the creative process to ensure they were making the kind of music that people wanted to hear and could relate. This was not an easy thing to do because they were middle class white males who lived rather ordinary lives outside of their music.

However, the two men eventually found good material that would reflect who they are as people and connect with audiences. Songs such as Closer was a simple tune about a man and a woman finding each other after being apart for some time. Their other song Paris was simply about true love in the face of parental disapproval.

These were hit songs for the duo. Both tunes were simple and had a theme that many regular people could relate to. Currently, Alex Paul and Taggart are trying to expand the boundaries of their music by pushing into the darker side of American life and leaving the romance behind.


     Robert Ivy was appointed as the Executive vice president and the CEO of the American Institute of Architects in 2011. This institute represents licensed architects and professionals in the design and construction industry since 1857.  The institute has over 90,000 members who are architects and design professionals. It also has over 250 chapters. Prior to his appointment, Robert Ivy was a fellow of the institute. He was an advocate of the profession on social, environmental and political issues affecting the built environment. He was described by President H. Miller, FAIA, as a seasoned architect with the relevant industry experience and corporate leadership skills.

As the vice president and CEO of the AIA, he manages the institute’s national office in Washington, DC. His responsibilities are many, but not restricted to, directing organizational focus on design and practice issues within the institute, work collaboratively with nationwide and overseas chapters to support AIA members and create public awareness on the value and relevance of architects. He has made some major accomplishments such as improving decision making in the institute by streamlining governance, launching a public awareness campaign which includes the institute’s annual I Look up Challenge. This challenge invites architects and filmmakers to collaborate and bring out architectural stories. He also popularizes the institute through education initiatives and advocacy strategies. He has also built a new digital technology infrastructure. His major focus is to shift the institute’s resources to prepare architects in facing and addressing today’s challenges such as impact of design on public health, climate change among others.

Robert Ivy has delivered key speeches about the role and meaning of architecture in our lives. Such speeches include speeches and moderated discussions at international events such as the National Building Museum, the Library of Congress and the Monterey Design Conference. He has also given interviews and appeared on various media shows such as CBS’S early show, PBS’s Evening news and BBC World among others.

Under his leadership AIA has been transformed tremendously to serve architects and the built industry in general. He has repositioned the institute as a responsive, influential and proactive organization.

Securus Technologies with Robert Johnson

Some memories remain in our minds forever. Robert Johnson, now working as a consultant of Securus Technologies was an ex-officer at the correctional facilities. Robert Johnson resigned from his job after the attack in his house. Johnson vividly remembers the details of the fateful day and shares with everyone who cares to hear his sad story.

Robert Johnson woke up at 5:30 am to prepare for work. He heard noises from his front door and immediately knew it was an attack. He called out to the attacker, to ensure he didn’t head to the bedroom where his wife was. All he remembers was waking up in the hospital bed with pain all over his body.

It was clear the intruder had left Robert Johnson to die. After an investigation, it was confirmed that the intruder was an ex-convict who was instructed to kill Robert Johnson. How Johnson survived this incidence is a mystery.

Robert Johnson is currently working with Securus Technologies. The firm works to connect the inmates to the outside world. They also take responsibility in seeing that the public is safe. Securus Technologies provides a mobile network to the prisons, which enables them to control the phone calls from the facilities.

Robert Johnson participated in a conference meeting discussing the extent of damage that the gadgets in the facilities are causing. The federal law restricts blocking of the mobile signals completely from any area. This is why the wireless containment services offered by Securus Technologies was the best option.

Robert Johnson says that he must ensure that there are no contraband cells in the facilities to protect the officers from going through what he experienced at the hands of the convicts.

Robert Johnson lives with pain every day of his life. He has undergone more than 23 surgeries as a result of the attack. When he was in the hospital bed, the doctors told his wife he wouldn’t survive; her wife was, however, sure he would make it because she felt he had not served his whole purpose in life. This is why he doesn’t let the pain he is experiencing stop him from going about all his activities.

Robert Johnson is very angry about a recent attack that occurred. He says that a nine-month-old baby was shot dead at the hands of his mother. The killing was a result of some inmates not being happy with the way the uncle of the kid was behaving. Johnson says that this act is ridiculous and need to come to a stop.

He will be able to see his dream of cells clean; with no illegal cell phones come true through Securus Technologies. Over the years, the firm has managed to block more than 1.7 million inmates’ calls in the state.


Features of Health and Soothe

     National Enzyme Company is the firm that came up the idea of manufacturing a modern medical product known as Health and Soothe but Living Well Nutraceutical is the company that handles marketing and distribution. Health and Soothe is a type of medication that contains only natural ingredients that are effective in eradicating inflammation of all parts of one’s body. The concept of the manufacturers of the drug is that inflammation is the factor that causes pain in any joint of the body.

The main natural ingredients contained in Health and Soothe include Bromelain, Papain, Citrus, and Rutin. The main component of Health and Soothe is Bromelain which is a known component that has been used for a long time as an anti-inflammatory drug. The ingredients that are contained in the drug have been proven to be safe for human consumption. The criteria that the manufacturers used to select the ingredients is that they must be anti-inflammatory components that will facilitate the treatment of diseases such as arthritis which has become a common condition among people in the society. The drug is in tablet form also. It consists of enzymes that quicken its effectiveness in a human body. Health and Soothe is a natural drug that doesn’t contain either toxic fillers or preservatives. It is important to note that Health and Soothe is exceptional as it contains enzymes, but it is still considered as a natural product.

The drug is effective during treatment hence the recommended dosage is one tablet per day. One of the advantages that is most noted of this medical product is that it is affordable at a price of fifty-nine dollars. National Enzyme Company has created an online delivery system that allows customs to receive the product at their desired time. One isn’t provided with an individual prescription, but there is the standard prescription that will last the intake of the medication for a month.

Health and Sooth’s manufacturers have pointed out that not only does the drug reduce inflammation, but it also destroys the agents that cause inflammation. The advantage of Health and Sooth to other traditional medicines is that it has advanced ingredients that have been proven to be effective.