NutriSystem- An In-Depth Look


Nutrisystem is an affordable solution to help people who want to participate in a healthier diet. For as low as $9.82 a day, which is cheaper than competitors, customers have access to nutritious meals that will assist them in achieving their weigh-loss goals. Let’s examine cost differences between Nutritrisystem and its competitors.


Nutrisystem vs. Jenny Craig


Unlike Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem’s pricing scale only includes the price of the food. Nutrisystem’s highest plan is only $11.96, while Jenny Craig’s is between $15 and $23 a day, excluding shipping and their monthly membership fee. Nutrisystem also provides counseling to customers and has a money-back guarantee if you don’t lose weight during the first month, while Jenny Craig does not.


NutriSystem vs. BitroMD


BistroMD’s highest plan cost about $19 a day, in comparison to NutriSystem’s $12. Also, NutriSystem offers three meals and two snacks per day, which is 21 meals a week, and 14 snacks a week. BistroMD offers three meals a day for 6 days and two meals one day, which is 20 meals a week, with snacks for an additional charge. NutriSystem offers free shipping for its products, while BistroMD has a whopping $19.95 fee.



Final Thoughts


In conclusion, no matter which one of NutriSystem’s plans you choose from, you are bound to get results that won’t have you breaking the bank. In relation to its competitors, NutriSystem simply offers more value for the money, providing more meals a week, and gifting its users with excellent customer service. NutriSystem was ranked as a top weight-loss option by CBS News, highlighting its affordable and effective plans. Some of NutriSystem’s higher plans allow for you to pick the meals you want, and with free shipping, its hard to deny the curiosity everybody seems to have when it comes to NutriSystem. From the looks of it, it is well worth the curiorisity.

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