Organic Eating, Modular Greenhouses & Josh Smith

Greenhouses have been around for years and years, but the standard greenhouse can be a headache if you don’t know what you’re doing. These tried and true structures are great for sustaining plant life, and they’re great for growing food. One of the best inventions of the past decade is the birth of the modular greenhouse, and this birth is reshaping the home gardening experience. Reno, Nevada’s, Josh Smith is the captain of the ship, and he has a plan of progressive-action that will produce dramatic results.
The key is to use technology that will simplify people’s lives. Smith has a strong passion for organic foods and he has a revolutionary new way of producing these foods from the homefront. First and foremost, this guy is very accomplished. He’s known as a motivational speaker, a philanthropist, a visionary and a businessman. Of course, he has well-over 17 years of entrepreneurial experience under his belt. Smith has introduced numerous ground-breaking companies to the market. Many of these companies were actual startup businesses. His savvy-sense is unquestionable, especially when being compared to others in this category. His business experience comes from a myriad of industries such as regulatory approvals, custom procedures, compliance, global operations and multinational export. Children are the future and Smith has a strong passion for working with children. Yes, he’s an all-around philanthropist with a heart of gold.

Welcome to the home garden revolution. Modular Green Houses are setting new trends in the gardening industry, and they will grow some of the best organic foods. The structures are beyond easy to set-up. Being modular, you can add-on as needed. They’re small enough to be placed on a porch or on a patio. They can also be as big as a standard size greenhouse. Being so “smart-connected,” these houses can run by themselves while you’re away. This is the modular greenhouse revolution and Mr. Smith stands at the forefront of it all.

Elysium Health is Here with Basis – But What is Basis?

When organizations are created and led by people who have deep, detailed, intimate knowledge of the causes they support, they’re more likely to perform more effectively, as well as make their consumers happier.

Elysium Health holds true to this sentiment.

Dr. Leonard Guarente helped found Elysium Health. Dr. Guarente works at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at its Glenn Laboratory for the Science of Aging as its Director. This successful scientist founded Elysium Health alongside two astute business people, namely Eric Marcotulli, the company’s CEO, and Dan Alminana, the company’s COO.

What does Elysium Health do?

In simplest form, Elysium Health researches, sells, and distributes supplements. Currently, Elysium Health only sells one supplement – Basis.

Elysium Health aims to place all of its upcoming products through full-pledged clinical trials overseen by the United States Food and Drug Administration, one of the most rigorous for overseeing clinical trials in the entire world. As a result, the company is not able to release as many supplements as some of its competitors.

Elysium Health currently is in the initial steps of pre-clinical programs for cellular, muscle, and stem cell health, along with products to help the microbiome. Elysium Health is also on the precipice of entering the clinical phase for cognitive health, skin therapeutics, and skin health products.

Can you share more about Basis?

Basis contains two main ingredients that make the supplement – well – Basis. These two ingredients are both found naturally in the human body – not to mention in loads of other organisms across planet earth – and are known as nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene.

Basis is able to be purchased by the public and is safe for all adults without any known allergies to the six ingredients found in basis. The other four ingredients included in the capsule are free of nuts, animal products and derivatives, gluten, and anything that wouldn’t label it as vegan or vegetarian, and are completely safe to consume over long periods.

Nicotinamide riboside and pterostil–what?

Not everybody is an expert in the field of health science – and that’s OK. Nicotinamide directly yields NAD+, which is short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide.

Pterostilbene is a sirtuin activator, where sirtuins are proteins naturally found in the many cells that make up the human body, that moves proteins with the help of NAD+.

Pterostilbene and nicotinamide riboside wouldn’t work without the presence of one another. However, when they are together, they work effectively at increasing the total level of NAD+ found across the countless cells and tens of organs in the human body.

Consumers are free to purchase Basis on the website of Elysium Health for $60 for one bottle, or $40 when purchasing a 12-month supply of the supplement.

Waiakea Water: Setting the Bar for Environmental Friendly Water Bottles

Waste management has long been a global effort to help us conserve our natural resources. There has been several product developments that have been done to reduce waste such as creation of reusable items, eliminating disposables, and increasing the variety of eco-friendly choices. One of the revolutionary products that we can find in the water industry is Waiakea Water which aims to release fully degradable containers.

What is Waiakea Water?

Waiakea Water was started in 2012 by Ryan Emmons. He had a vision of creating water products that are pure, natural and sustainable. The product originated in Hawaii, and is coined the term “Volcanic Water”. The company makes use of natural volcanic energy to produce this refreshing and pure water. This point-of-sale strategy has allowed the company to increase their market growth by 170% and has been accepted by big retailers such as Whole Foods.

Waiakea Water is naturally produced, after passing through a series of 14,000 feet-long volcanic rock, the water produced is loaded with valuable minerals which contribute to our health. This makes Waiakea Water stand out from the rest. Providing value without harming the environment is one way to win the heart of thirsty consumers.

Sustainability in Mind
Waiakea Water uses natural energy to provide refreshing bottles to consumers. They recently wanted to step up their game by providing 100% degradable water bottles next year. The company reported conducting thousands of experiments to create a plastic that has a shorter lifespan. Eventually, they were able to produce a container which shows the similar quality of a regular plastic bottle but a significantly lesser ecological footprint.

This is good news for both consumers and environmentalists, a win-win solution in the waste management problem. Water bottles have long been a problem when it comes to land and water pollution. We can see them in several social media videos which are not only a pain in the eyes, but also a pain to some animals mistaking them as food. The problem is, they have been so common but difficult to recycle and reduce. This is one way that Waiakea Water aims to help both sides–protecting our ecosystem by lessening waste but at the same time preserving the convenience that water bottles can give.

Louis Chenevert – The Innovation Titan

Entrepreneurship is essential in this century. It is one way of making a decent amount of money. Many people have very brilliant ideas. These ideas could give these individuals millions of cash. However, an idea is not a plan. For success, you need to evaluate a plan. For this to happen, you need to have a great strategy. It also needs patience, commitment, and dedication. Many investors end up giving up when things get tough.

Louis Chenevert is an example of an investor that is recognized globally. He has been successful in so many of his businesses. However, what led to his popularity is the legacy that he left as Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). This is why despite him having stepped down as their CEO, they owe him gratitude. It is the decisions that he made that led to the high ranking of the business.
Louis Chenevert says that one thing that attributed to his success is innovation. Creativity differentiates a company from the rest of the businesses.
Louis is a futurist. He believes that investing in future technology will help maintain and improve the economy of the state. He is also keen on human labor. When Louis saw a group of engineers in a site that no longer needs attention, he was quick to shift them to a productive site.
The current UTC chief executive officer believes in investing in future technology as well. This is why they have a program that allows the employees to acquire degrees of their choice. This has increased the productivity of the employees.
The current executive officer of the company applies the methodology of Louis in running the organization. He believes that in so doing, he will maintain the position of the company. Other investors have also employed his tactics in their businesses. Fortunately, they have been effective.
Louis Chenevert is also an environmentalist. With the rate of global warming, he felt the importance of doing something. He reduced the emission levels of greenhouse gases. He also reduced water consumption.
Louis Chenevert is an iconic feature in the entrepreneurship world. Every business person can learn something from him.

Betsy DeVos : Her Career and Charitable Giving

Elisabeth Dee DeVos is a daughter to Elsa Prince and the late Edgar Prince (a billionaire industrialist who established Prince Corporation that was later sold to Johnson Controls in 1996 at $1.35 billion). Betsy DeVos has many titles. Over time, and while serving in different capacities, she has proved her leadership, advocacy, and innovation capabilities. Betsy has continuously fought hard to eliminate barriers to issues to do with business, politics, and education. She desires to see the creation of environments where everybody has the opportunity to thrive in what he or she does. Betsy DeVos studied at Holland Christian High School. She is a graduate of Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree. She is married to the entrepreneur, community activist, and philanthropist Dick DeVos. They have four children and five grandchildren.



Betsy DeVos has held many different positions. She served as the chairperson of The Windquest Group (1993-2016), a member of the American Federation for Children (2008-2009) and chairperson (2009-2016), the chairperson of Alliance for School Choice (2009-2016) and BOD member in 2004, as well as a board member of ArtPrize (2009-2016). Other areas where she has participated as the board member include Philanthropy Roundtable, Foundation for Excellence in education and DeVos Institute for Arts Management. Between 2001 and 2008, Betsy chaired the Great Lakes Education Project. Betsy DeVos has also been a member of the advisory board at The Potter’s House School. She has been actively involved in matters concerning politics for over 35 years. Betsy DeVos was elected as the chairperson of Michigan Republican Party four times in a row. She has also played many leadership roles with party organizations, campaigns and political action committees. Her political efforts have since shifted and are more inclined to the advancement of educational choices. Currently, she is the 11th and the current Secretary of Education of the United States.



Charitable giving

Betsy DeVos and her partner Dick DeVos have spent millions of dollars to bankroll Republican candidates across the United States. They have also donated tens of millions of dollars through a foundation they formed in 1989 – The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Recently, the organization approved a $400,000 funding for Loudspeaker Media Inc. The donation is aimed at assisting Campbell Brown, the former CNN anchor, launch The 74 – an education site. Brown’s not for profit organization, The Partnership for Education Justice also obtained a similar amount from the foundation. In 2015, The Family Foundation presented $150,000 to Success Academy Charter Schools and the same amount approved for future payment. The Potter’s House a Grand Rapids’ Christian school also obtained $200,000 from the foundation in 2015. Betsy and her husband donated $100,000 to Alliance for School Choice. The nonprofit organization works in close contact with the American Federation for Children.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

Roberto Santiago: Busy In Brazil

The development of modern day shopping malls in Brazil has revolutionized the very concept of shopping, making it entertaining, memorable, and enjoyable. Entrepreneur and investor Roberto Santiago, a major investor in the Brazilian market’s shopping mall sector, is credited for much of this change. Born in 1968, Santiago is the owner of the popular Joao Pessoa’s-located Manaira Shopping mall.


Manaira Shopping is reportedly one of the largest of its kind in Paraiba. They broke ground on the now popular mall began back in 1987. Two years later, in 1989, was launched, making the consumerist dreams of numerous Brazilian shoppers a reality.


Always competitive, Santiago has garnered several trophies in motocross championships. Santiago earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Joao Pessoa. He began his career years ago at the Café Santa Rosa. He also wrote and published news and entertainment blogs.


Santiago would next open a company that made cartons. He collaborated with other businesses to also supply various packing materials. His business also expanded into the production of various decorative items. His earliest investment efforts allowed him to amass enough money to purchase the property on which the Manaira Shopping mall now stands.


Roberto Santiago had specific plans for Manaira Shopping. He wanted to make sure that the local Joao Pessoa residents, and perhaps even all of Paraiba, would have access to a wide variety of products and services. He hopes the many different services offered will help to build a strong customer base.


Manaira Shopping is now known for offering potential shoppers a wide array of comfort, entertainment, fun, and leisure. Joao Pessoa itself has long been famous for its world-class hospitality and noteworthy beaches. This is why Santiago worked to integrate both a number of different indoor activities with several outdoor leisure activities to further tempt both foreign and native clients.


The Manaira Shopping mall also features the entertainment facility named Domus Hall. Located on the mall’s roof, it can accommodate nearly 10,000 people. It was opened in 2009 to offer yet one more option to various visitors.


Veteran visitors and online experts agree that Manaira Shopping currently has one of the country’s best outdoor facilities. The center was specifically designed to cater to the entire family. The assortment of activity options available at the mall includes (but are not necessarily limited to) ballrooms, bars, bowling alleys, gymnasiums, movie halls, video game arcades, food courts, and restaurants.


Visitors at the Manaira Shopping mall can sample many different dishes, drinks and snacks at the gourmet restaurant and food courts there. Since the mall opened the eateries have been expanded more than once. The most recent expansion occurred in 2014.


Roberto Santiago continues to learn from his experience in the industry. He strives to provide people with high-quality comfort, entertainment and shopping options at Manaira Shopping. His dedication, hard work, and passion for the industry have led to his success both with the Manaira Shopping mall and with life in general.